Once Again

Our city had Major election recently. The election was over last week. The sad thing is today, the Major that lost, his campaign postcard came in the mail today, a week later. It makes me feel that the post office is on the evil side of things. I don’t know why they can not remain mutual. Then they complain that we don’t mail anything any more. We need a new mail system instead of keeping this old one in the United States of America.

By the time Biden hands out all this money to the foreigners coming into our country illegally, our dollars will not go as far, prices will rise and our money won’t be worth a darn. Then what?

We are in sad affairs and we are in the latter days just as the scriptures have fortold us. I guess all we can do is stop and bloom where we are planted and stay close to our Father in Heaven or Higher Power.

Today my husband was in the parking lot waiting for me as I had appointment at the dentist. He was walking around, he observed those that didn’t have mask on all smile and said hello, Those that wore mask hung their heads low or were looking at the ground and you could not tell if they were smiling or not. Keep your head up high… hope we will be finished wearing mask soon, it is hard to breathe in them, talk and hear in them too.

This is my story and I am sticking to it.

52 ancestors in 52 weeks

Week 13 : music

We lived wirh my father’s mother from 3rd through 7th grade. As I have looked back on this, it was hard for all of us. I dont know the reasoning behind their decision or rather his decision. I wish we could have stayed living in Delaware and be near cousins in Pennsylvania and visit shores in New Jersey like we did when we were younger.

Sometime in the mid 60’s, seems to me many households were purchasing ‘Hammond Organs’ at least in my part of the world. My grandmother was one of them and my mother’s sister family did too.

The organ was purchased from Gamble Music Company. They were located on the corner of Henderson and Losey on the west south corner. It was spacious building. They sold all kinds of instruments too. They had separate rooms as I was given organ lessons there once a week.

When we went to visit our aunt and uncle, they had a much larger hammond organ. It seems to my memory that my uncle was the one that seemed to entertain us with music on their organ. Their kids were grown and out of the house.

When I entered 9th grade, there was man was high school trying to put orchestra together. Kids were tested to see if they had any talent for playing an instrument. I was selected to play the viola and was in orchestra for four years. My sister was three years behind me and she played the violin. My daughter played a electronic keyboard and flute during her school years. My granddaughter is now learning to play an electric quitar.

I have been involved since January of writing a history of my mothers, side of the family of her grandparents. William Rocco Catalano and latter changes his name 15 times. Thats another story for another day. He dies as Rocco Di Mattia. When you get that many children, you are getting into two generations. You have the older ones and when you get to the younger ones they dont seem to remember as much of the history or know their siblings as much.

Since more information is digitize such as newspaper articles for obituaries and wedding announcements and emailing questions to descendants that have posted on find a grave website has been a wonderful journey. I have reaped so much information from these kind folks.

My grandfather played ukulele, my great grandfather loved children, he’s the one that fathered 15 children. I understand that he played a guitar and loved to sing with them gathered around him. I was told they had a player piano in there living room too. There are other of his children that played instruments too.

I am thankful for Amelia as she shed light on the older Mattia’s and Trudy for remembering stories from her father about the younger Mattia’s. This family grew up during a depression in 1893, surviving the depression because they taught their children to work hard. They helped one another. Rocco’s wife’s parents lived with them too and shared in the burden of helping with the younger children and putting food on the table. Teaching them a skill that was their occupation for life time. How blessed we are and thank for this bit of history that has been preserved.

Sketchbook Revival Online Workshop 2021- free- fun

Welcome to the Sketchbook Revival Online Workshop!

Clear off your art table.

Gather your art supplies.

It’s time to say yes to your creative practice.

The workshop is all about filling yourself up with new inspiration and ideas, having fun, and most importantly, being creative.

The sessions will give you the opportunity to explore different ways to approach your sketchbook using a variety of styles and media. You’ll also get insights into how to stay inspired, motivated, and committed to your sketchbook practice and be reminded of the many benefits of having a practice. You’re free to do as many of the sessions  as you’d like, from all to just a couple, whatever serves you best.

The artists leading the sessions will share their passions for creating with everything from graphite and ink, to watercolor and acrylics, collage and mixed media. You’ll also get ideas of how sketchbooks can be tools for experimenting, generating ideas, recording your surroundings, developing your style, being bold, and so much more.

The workshop begins *March 18th*. Every day for 2 weeks you will receive an email in your inbox with links to 2 workshop sessions. All sessions are pre-recorded so you can watch them at your own pace and according to your own schedule. If you are unable to watch 2 sessions a day, don’t worry. All sessions will be available until *April 18th*, so there is plenty of time.

To help you get ready for the workshop, here are 4 steps to get you started.

1. Gather your materials. Each featured artist will be providing a list of suggested materials for their session. If you’d like to start gathering your supplies now, there is a list of the types of materials we’ll be using at the end of this message. If you don’t have all of the suggested materials do not worry. You’ll absolutely be able to use whatever supplies you have on hand and still enjoy the sessions.

2Watch the Pre-Session videos. Check your inbox for a separate Pre-Session emailIn this email you’ll find two sessions you can get started with right away to help you get ready for the workshop. The first Pre-Session is going to show you how to make a handmade sketchbook so you can make something special for the workshop. The second Pre-Session is going to help you create a positive mindset so you’ll be able to start off from Day 1 feeling good and ready to get the most out of the workshop experience.       

3. Join the Sketchbook Revival Facebook Group. The Sketchbook Revival Facebook Group is our virtual gathering place. You’ll be able to meet other creatives from around the world and connect with the featured artists. Use this welcoming space to share your creations and make connections. This is completely optional and not a requirement for participating in the workshop. 

**Please note: If you need help or need to contact me, please do not post those questions or personal messages to me in the Facebook Group, but reach out by email so we can help you. Just hit reply to any workshop email or send your message to:  karen@karenabend.com 

4. Share this workshop. I know what a gift the right online event can be in people’s lives. I’ve experienced it myself – got myself moving again after a rough spot, reignited my passion, expanded my horizons, and connected with the ‘right’ teachers to help me get closer to my dreams and goals.

Will you do me a favor? Will you share this workshop? Friends, family, anyone in your life who loves being creative, regularly or occasionally, can benefit from this event. Send them to www.karenabend.com/sketchbook-revival-2021/  and if you share on social media use the hashtag #sketchbookrevival.

Thank you for joining! I’m so happy to be on this creative journey together.

Can’t wait to see you at the workshop!

Help Others Enjoy Handel’s Messiah at Home This Easter

Help Others Enjoy Handel’s Messiah at Home This Easter

The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square invite music lovers and those celebrating Easter around the world to enjoy Handel’s Messiah with renowned guest soloists Amanda Woodbury, Tamara Mumford, Tyler Nelson and Tyler Simpson streamed over the internet.

This special Messiah performance, recorded in 2018, will stream on Friday, March 26, 2021 on a variety of websites, social channels and other broadcast locations. This will enable individuals and families worldwide to enjoy the Easter season at home with their loved ones as the world celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Opportunity

Because of the pandemic, many individuals and families are seeking alternative ways to observe Easter this season. Local communication councils can serve their communities and members of other faiths by creating awareness about this unique concert opportunity where individuals can watch, listen and sing along with The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square. This is a wonderful way to celebrate the birth, life, death and resurrection of Christ with all Christians in a worldwide virtual gathering.


The website (www.tabchoir.org/messiah) contains rich background information sources about George Frideric Handel, the writing of Messiah and links to download free Messiah music scores. All of these resources can be used by individuals and families prior to or after listening to the stream at home. Some of these resources are also available in French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Messiah Stream Information

The Messiah internet and broadcast stream will begin at 7:00 p.m. (mountain daylight time) on Friday, March 26, 2021, from the many options listed below. Please check this page for updated Messiah stream information, which will be posted as soon as it is available.


Social, Digital and Other Channels

Other Airings

  • BYUradio: Easter Sunday, April 4 at 4:00 p.m. MDT
  • Classical 89: BYUradio: Easter Sunday, April 4 at 6:00 p.m. MDT
  • Airings on BYUtv, the BYUtv app and byutv.org are pending
  • Ask Amazon Alexa (audio only; say, “Alexa, play The Tabernacle Choir”) to replay the full concert from the start anytime from Friday, March 26 at 7:00 p.m. through Sunday, March 29 at midnight.

Messiah On-Demand

As a gift from The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square, this concert will also be archived for on-demand viewing. This will enable individuals and families worldwide to draw closer to Jesus Christ through the music and text of Handel’s Messiah in their homes at other times convenient for them.

Hot Asian Buns anyone?

I have never heard of these before. My daughter order them to be delivered over New Year’s Eve while I was visiting with her.

They remind me of little bun wih a twist. Some are vegetarian, one was BBQ and the other was spicy pork flavor.

I don’t eat meat but I devoured the vegetable ones. The outside is very soft and easy to eat it is type of dough but I believe it has been steamed. This would make a nice appetizer. I was informed these were called Bao usually Chinese cruise.


When I was writing a general history of my grandmother, we called her Nana. She and her second husband loved having friends over. They use to play cards as couples. Then she told me they played game called Buck A roo on oil cloth and and it was penny a chip. Not really knowing how to spell this game, I had spelled it like it sounded – Tripple Lee. But after looking it up on google to see what they were playing, I see I misspelled it.

Here is the website that explained the game and it showed what the oil cloth game looked like. https://www.pagat.com/stops/3in1.html

3 in 1 layout
This is a game Nana and Jim played a lot with their friends on Friday night.

Chinese checkers ?

My other half took me out for lunch on Friday he said it was a date. We drove to village up the road about 35 minutes from where we live.

This place is Historical Landmark. But I doubt if the stýate will keep up with the repairs. We saw fences that had once been around a park had rotted and was falling down. They were in sad shape and needed repairs.

The Eatery and Bakery had delicious food. The place they have their Eatery used to be called the Red Oak and they served authentic Swedish dishes.

But this place has modetnized the dishes and are in smaller portions. I miss the lingonberrys they would serve on some of the entrees. We both ordered the same entree that consisted of homemade noodles, small meatballs, and brown gravy, they served it with fresh Swedish Rye Bread and small salad. A drink and a dessert came with this.

They have added a small gift shop every time I have visited this place, the one thing I can’t stand is the scent in that room.

I was looking for Vintage toys or games. I did see bowl that held some marbles and they said it was from Civol War Era. I dont think I took a picture of them. I did find these marbles in this design. But I have no idea how you play on this game board.

Do you?

Vintage Picture Dominos

Yesterday hard plastic guys came from England.

I have these pictue dominos for long time. They have green felt type back. They are made of press cardboard. I dont know if these came in box or not. I like to pull them out when little ones can play with them nicely. I love the pictures on them. I dont know who produced them or what mfg made these.

Have any of you ever seen these before? What do you think?

Vintage toy

Can you guess where these came from

My grandmother started traveling after her mother died. Her father had done a lot of traveling all over the world before he married his wife. He actually got married when he was 41. She use to bring us unique gifts home. This is one of them.

Since my last toy I posted got so much attention, I started thinking about other toys or games that I treasure. So I am going to post them here.

A few years ago. I tryed to see if I could find this toy on the internet. I seached on ebay and every place I could think of. Nothing came up.

Then I found the makers name inscribed on back of toy. I used toy maker and it came right up. That is how I finally found where she had gotten this toy from. I have it in the vertical position and I have it hanging on the wall in my spare bedroom.

So thats my story and I am sticking to it.