The Bean Traveler

This is going to be short and sweet. There was once a black bean, such a lovely bean. They use to wash and drain and then boil it to death. One day someone came up with the idea of taking a mere little black bean to which he was rinsed and drained from a can. He was placed in small pan and added half of cup of Verde Salsa. They just heated him until he was warm thru and thru. They wanted a more spicy beans so a sliced a green onion was added while he was heated up. Oh my goodness, this was best bean of all. He was lovely on tortilla with rice, he was top bean that everyone loved whether they added pico or an avocado, he was the kind of bean you always dreamed of being. The End.

Try it, you’ll like it.

Meat or Meet

Most times stuff triggers at most un oft times. I have been struggling with depression. So returned to taking antidepression meds. Not all have worked out. Some have weird side effects. One pill caused me to hallucinate which was weird. Glad they had me stop that one.

My imagination is coming back or my creative writing ability what ever you want to call it. I havent written for months yet someone decided to follow me. Not sure why but whom am i to judge.

My main purpose was to talk about eating meat. I have found for myself that sustaining from meat except during famine, cold or winter that I am being kind to my body. I have noticed when I worked I was much healthy than others around me as i didnt participate in eating meat or dairy.

I am retire and still eating more beans and rice. I found a new way to eat black beans. First drain and rinse them then while in strainer squeeze some instead of using a utensil just use your hands. Place them in small pan and add Green Verde Sauce let them simmer or heat slowly as they are marrinaded in verde sauce. They are excellent with rice and tomato and avacado rolled up in a tortilla. Did you notice they have low carb tortilla now?

My newest wrinkle is I found in magazine they made salsa from kiwi. 3 kiwi peeled and diced, 1 avocado diced, jalapena, garlic, salt. Combine.

I like putting slaw on my taco instead of lots of lettuce and then putting kiwi salsa on top. It is soooo good.

I recently made mayo using tofu, my first try was to think and looked like ricotta cheese on top of the coleslaw. Finally got it thin ennough that it looks like coleslaw.

Boy was that yummy. One could add rice & black beans or black beans & roasted sweet potatoes.

Hiker’s Gift Basket

One of the fun and inexpensive activity with your family is to go hiking. If you have hiker in your family here is list of items you might consider giving as gift.

1. Trail mix

2. Extra pair of shoe laces, this comes in handy for more than one item.

3. Duck tape

4. Extra pair of socks

5. Poptop small cans of food

6. Energy or meal bars

7. Knife with utensils built in

8. Map & compass , gps

9. Toilet paper

10. Medication

11. Sunscreen & sunglasses, hat

12. First aid, whistle, headlight

12. Drinking water & filter

A Cloud Study

Studying details of the clouds. I had taken a watercolor class recently and wanted to try my hand at it again.

I remembered the teacher suggested using gray under the clouds. I have noticed that there is lighter gray then the white cloud above that.

Taste of Pella

We have driven by Pella, Iowa for years. Decided to go on our anniversary and visit this part of the country. If you like crowds come in May during theTulip Celebration. If not. come in June the start of summer but then its not busting at its seams with tourist and being crazy crowded day.

DutchFix – was a great place to eat, order your food at the counter, then they delievered to us. I tend not to eat much meat. But they had Taco in cardboard french fry container. It was delicious. I asked them to leave the cheese off as I am allergic. But I have started enjoying foods with out cheese. Hubby had Pella Bologna. But it was more like a salami. I had some that in my taco instead of the normal hamburger. I recommend you trying this place. They had other choices that looked deliouces too. We had lady sitting cattycorner to us and she recommended Poffertjies Mix (small powdered waffle). They could be ordered at their drive up or the one downtown area. They even sold them in pkg to take home or if you were camping to eat them there too.

They kept telling us to try the Dutch Letter, I wasn’t sure at first what that were talking about? , then finally I understood that it was in shape of “S” that they ususally had a Christmas time for Santa. The light finally when on. We went to the original bakery called the Jaarsma Bakery. They are located on Franklin Street across from Tulip Park. Be sure to taste a Dutch Letter. What is that you ask? A light, flaky pastry with a sweet almond fillings. You can make your mind up what you think.

‘Liberty Street Kitchen’ has couple vegan dishes if your intetested.

Right next to the #DutchFix was a brick arch with brick walk. It was quite out in the open but they call it Klokkenspel Plaza to see small representative of a Holland canal with draw bridge over the middle. The canal is about 100 feet long. There are some stores facing the canal. Thus walking between buildings on brick lined street reminded me of when I was in Paris. We came to side street and walked down into this alley to find only a lovely courtyard hidden. it was delightful. However here in Pella we found a drawbridge over a closed canal. There were coins that have been throw in for luck I suppose?

Next to the Canal picture above in the Opera house, most of the town has Netherland/Holland Architecture in the front of their building at the top.

Next we stopped at Van Veen, where handmade chocolates are made. We picked some chocolate covered toffee and Waffle covered chocolate with carmel. I liked his sign about keeping your chocolate closer.

The next picture we did not go in there, but I thought the outside of the building was different. They served latte, smoothies, coffees, and over 40 kinds of teas.

For dinner we decided to go to local Mexican place. They gave you lot of food for your money. I had vegetarain with lots of vegetabales and homemade corn tortillas. Lots of food! Busy place, recommended too. Its called the Cantaritos Grill & Cantina. It was very crowed, young and old. We got there before the crowds came. I did not get picture of Mexican place but its on Washington Street.

There is more to see, will share tomorrow.

Got this then this

I found this jazzy coat at a second hand shop. I fell in love with the fabric instantly. It was a large with long sleeves button down the front. The cuffs had buttons on them too. The Tags said Christopher & Banks. I seem to beable to find good name brand clothing. As you can see the neckline did not have collar.

This had been a jacket hanging on a rack until I spied it and felt it would make an excellent purse. Made straps from the sleeves. The left over sleeve material will will be useded for inside pockets. I love love the designs on the purse. I sewed the button section closed so items would be safe inside.

Just takes a minute

I was in an exceptionally good mood on Thursday . I had parked three rows from Dollar Tree. There was an elderly women behind me approaching the door so I decided to open door for her and told her it was her lucky day. After we were both in store. She turned to me and told me she had forgotten her cane. My reply was to grab cart and hang onto that instead.

She put her purse where child sits and I told her she should hold into her purse straps so know one could help themselves to her purse contents.

She replied. I didn’t think about that. I told her it only takes a minute for someone to grab her purse. I told her I had lived in big city and saw lots of stealing going on. I saw this man at meat counter and he would slip meat packages and they made his legs look heavy. I have even seen where people would slip things into side pocket and go to register and not pay for the item in their pocket. The smaller item I reported as I was acquainted with the owner of the store. By not speaking up makes us having to pay higher prices at grocery stores.

Thats my story and I am sticking to it.