52 ancestors in 52 weeks, week 24: handme downs

I finally got up early this morning to go down to my workshop. I am working on a needlework for a friemd.. While I was blocking this needlework, which was quite large, I started thinking of handme downs. This is something someone give you. I have many tools that had been my grandmothers or may even have been my great grandmothers as she had been an artist. My grandma took care of her mother till her death. I was contemplating about handme downs and what I could share.

My grandmother was an only child. Her parents married late in life. But I can see she was very close to her cousins and there children. Her Aunt and Uncle Woody took her to Ocean City, New Jersey, every summer. They owned a monster duplex home down there. I didn’t know about this until I decided to contact one of her cousins.

I seem to like to write in small purse size spiral notepads. I found one recently which my grandmother’s nieces email address was printed on page. I was somewhat surprised that I still had it. I decided to write to this cousin, as her father was close to my grandmother. It seems they were more like brother and sister then just cousins. I wondered what other information she might know that I didn’t know?

I introduced myself to her incase she didn’t remember me. Then I asked her if she could tell me about my grandmother’s life at the beach in the summer time. I was hoping the email would go thru, and it did. These cousins are about 10 years older than me. They are in retirement home, but they still have home on the beach as well. Apparently there children have this to go to, and it sounds like they

Shortly, I did receive a reply and was happy to get new information that I didn’t have. They always felt she was more like a sister than a cousin becuase they grew up together. I thought that was great family relationship to have. Here is what my cousin wrote to me – I placed it in quote below.

“My cousin told me, that my grandmother told her one summer when she was visiting with them that she remembered having a small room up on the third floor that overlooked the ocean. That house stood for over 100 years but was finally torn down about 20 years ago. She really enjoyed all the memories it brought back that summer. My dad always said that Ella was more like a sister than a cousin as they spent so much time together growing up. My grandparents sold that house and built one in the Gardens section of Ocean City which later became my parents.”

So I am treasuring this information and pictures she has handed down to me that I had not thought to ask her when she was alive. The pictures are in a pdf format. In order to show that I would have had to print it then scan them and then upload them.But I am not in place where I can do that presently.

The only other handme down that I forgotten about until recently was I have a framed sampler, that was embroider by my 5th great Grandmother Hannah Jones. This handmade embriodery hung in my grandmothers house. I also noted she left our legacy on back of the picture. I am planning on replacing as it is turning yellow from the enviroment. I am planning on passing it on to my granddaughter.

Hannah, my 5th great grandmother was born out of wedlock, but her parents eventually marriied after her birth. They remained married and had 4 more children. Her morther was Quaker and her family disowned her. I can imagine this unfortunely event, but wont go into details.

I found a little notebook and letter amongst my grandmother things in the basement of her home. The letter was written by my 5th great grandmother on handmade paper in her handwriting. She had married Thomas Rees and they were asking forgiveness to be accepted into fellowship with Friends. So for the longest time, I did not know what Hannah’s mother’s maiden name was. But I attended a Wynne Family Reunion in Morgantown, Pennsylvania and found someone that seem to know that she had been disowned. It was probably written in some Quaker records. Her mother’s maiden name was Esther Tunis. Her grandfather was one of founders of Germantown, Pennsylvania. It’s kind of hard for me to undestand how mother could disown her own child.

I can relate to this to this unfortunate event. Some years back my mother had her heart valve replaced. Afterwards she wanted to warn me, so I would not be hurt, she didn’t really tell me why, and when she told me I was shock and didn’t ask why at the time, she told me that dad had left me out of their will. I was vey hurt by this for years. He did not known that I knew.

After talking to other friends, one friend shared his story with me. He wanted to marry certain girl – his mother told him if he married her he would be taken out of their will. He did marry and his mother kept her promise he wasn’t in will. I guess its part of life and I had to try and let go and knew God would take care of me. But it was still hurtful.

I treasure stories that have been handed down to me as well as this framed embroidery that this 5th great grandmother did by hand. It has a little verse at the bottom but I can’t recall.at the moment.

I am thankful for history or just little stories that relatives hand down to me, What are you thankful for?

June Promps, Day 17: Hot Air

We were traveling recently by car. We were getting closer to our destination. I pulled out the map to see how much further we had to go and decided to see if we could take back road instead of staying on the Intersate. I found an exit that would take us to the same place that the Interstate would have taken us. At first, he was hesitate at getting off, I had forgotten that the speed limit would slow us down a bit. But I know when we hit busy traffic, he starts calling everyone a jerk and gets very impatient with others. . But I still thought it would be nice to go through the country instead of hitting a lot of traffic right around when people might be getting off work. I remember when I use to pick up my husband in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania down at the Steel Mill that traffic would pick up about 3:30 and stay heavy until about 7pm.

It was rather ironic, but I had made the suggestion, he wasn’t excited about taking another route. But what was funny to me, was about mile from where I suggested it, there were now signs saying that left lane on highway was closed for the next five miles. He decided to take my suggestion. So off we went up and down some beautiful hills. We did run into some exit issues, as they had closed some that would have been our exit to our destination. But we eventually found our way to street we needed to be on. Thank goodness for GPS on our phones.

While wating for him to check in at the motel, I decided to stay in the car with my window rolled down so the hot air could bellow into the car. It was refreshing to me. He questioned me serveral times as he didn’t want me to me to get cooked in there. I on the hand, love the hot weather. It actually brought a memory back to me of going to beach as kid. The waves would be rolling in, the sand on the beach was very hot as you walked barefoot. and the sun would be beating down on your skin while one was soaking up the sun on the beach. It would be refreshing to be in the water and waves hitting the bottom of your ankles as your toes sunk into the sand under the waves. I am so thankful for some of my childhood memories.

Well that’s my story, hope you are staying well.

Tiny Living

Tiny living is for singles and those who don’t mind living with less. I mean its easer to keep clean. But if you have hobbies, I think its not going to be for your idea living space. I lived in 1,300 square foot house. Then I moved to 908 square footage house. Boy, can I tell the difference.

Kitchen counterspace is limited. Stove is between counter and refrigerator. My spice shelf is limited as to what i can keep on three shelves. This is not an eat in kitchen. There were two corner cabinets on top with other kitchen cabinets. My lower corner cabinest are more like a lazy susan. Since we have moved in here, we have noticed the counters are not level and so the lazy susan can’t make a complete swing only in one direction. I suppose it’s because it heavier on one side and going up hill is hard on this turn table.

I keep my pots and pans along with some colanders on top shelf of the lazy susan. The bottom shelf holds mostly plastic containers for left overs. I have found if you stack the deeper containers ontop and the shallow ones underneath i can have more containers therefore taking less space. On the orher side of the room there is another corner cabinet on bottom. I use those for storing my salad shooter, food processor. The rest of the area is filled with wide mouth quart jars that hold assorted dry food . Just to name a few rice, oats, dehydrated mushrooms. I do have some unbleached all purpose flour and whole wheat as long as the kitchen stays cool. In the hotter weather it is best to store flours in refrigerator so they don’t go rancid on you as quickly. There is no room for instant pot, or cockpot that you may want to use occasionally.

When I first moved in the kitchen only had one drawer.Beings there are two of us I elected to pull dishwasher out and addeded a three deep drawers unit for storage . In those drawers i put in silverware and assorted other utensils. The second drawer holds assorted baking pans and I have my recipes in shoe box inside of this drawer. The last draw holds my rolling pins, tin foil, and dish towels and washcloths etc.

The living room can only fit in 81 inch sofa and dining room is off the kitchen but is only big enough for 4 chair table. I think if I was going to have more company in here, I would need a fold out table that I would have to find a place to store it when not in use. My family seems to gravitade to the living room when they come and eats in front of the TV. So who needs a table. Well i am presently using it for my art studio.

Our bedrooms are so small, that the queen size mattress takes up most of the space. The chest of drawers don’t even fit it there. We opted for IKEA bookshelf. We put our clothes on shelves. We weighted it down by putting heavy books on bottom shelves. Can’t really access them with the bed the way it is situated. Then I decided to opt for skinny width bookcase to house my books and my perfume bottoes on top shelf. This works for me. The bathroom is just shower/tub, commode and sink, The linen closed is out in the hallway. The second bedroom is bit smaller. I had one idea and he had another idea and he won out. So my stuff is in the basement, but sometimes I just drag my hobbies up to the diningroom as there is more light up here and sometimes it is tad bit warmer. So this is my take on tiny living. I don’t want to be bird, but I am glad I have roof over my head. So that’s my story.

52 ancestors in 52 weeks, Week 23: wedding


When I looked at the topic for week 23, it said “wedding”. I thought to myself , well I haven’t been to any of my ancestors weddings!. But then I remembered that my great grandfather John A. Falck had very good penmanship, and remembered a wedding book that my grandmother had. It had almost got taken to a auction house, some how I have acquired it. Not sure, how I ended up with it, but it has many of our ancesters husband’s name on the quest list. Here is picture of the front (it is tattered a bit).Guest Book Cover

My great grandmother Esther “Essie” Hansell was an artist and it looks like she painted the yellow daffidils on the front of their guest book, The book is bound with ribbon.

The first inside page has newspaper clippings of their upcoming wedding by her father, they apparently placed them in three newspapers which I placed in bold fonts.

Invitations have been issued by Mr. Henry J. Hansell, of North Thirty-fifth street, for the marriage of his daughter, Mss Esther Hunt, to Mr. John Aiken Falck, next Tuesday, October seventeeth at eight o’clock at the Northminster Church, thirty-fifth and Baring. published in Philadelphia Inquirer.

Public Ledger – Mr. Henry J. Hansell of North Thirty-Fifth Street has sent our invitations for the marriage of her daughter, Miss Esther Hunt to Mr. John Aikin Falck, on Tuesday, Oct 17, at 8 o’clock, in Northminster Church, Thirty Fifth and Baring Streets.

Philadelphia Bulletic: The engagment has been announced of Miss Esther Hansell, daughter of Henry J. Hansell, of North Thirty-fifth street, to Mr. John Aikin Falck, formerly of Lancaster, but now residing in West Philadelphia.

There were full three pages of Reciption names, and two and half pages of Church attendance, then Presents were listed on five pages. I should have asked my grandma, how her father proposed to his wife ( her mother) and how did they meet? But I never thought about it until now.

John but I guess they called him Jack, as he referred himself by that some where in his recording of his  day by day wedding trip.

Tuesday, Oct 17th. Left home at 10:30pm followed by Ben & Hassell – changed carriage at 32th & Haverford St. but Ben succeeded in attaching some streamers to the second carriage which were removed on Spring Garden Street. Went to the Straftford Hotel for the night. Little rain fell on our way to hotel.

Wednesday, Oct 18th – Left Reading Terminal (picture at end) at 9 am for New York after a harrowing experience over supposed lose of tickets. On reaching New York took elevated road for Grand Central Station and started at one o’clock for Boston. The weather was beautiful fine all day, but it began to rain on nearing Boston. Took a carriage to Young’s Hotel and after dinner went to a short walk, Essie having had a quite a scare during our promermade. Rain had ceased falling.

Thursday, Oct. 19th – Weather fine. After breakfasting went to Old Smith Church, to State House, through Boston Common and thence by open trolley to Alston. From Alston to Cambridge where we visited Harvard College and there by trolley to Anburn and Newton dining at the latter place. Returning by another route to Scollay Square, went by trolley to Bunker Hill Monument, thence to Chelsea and home. After dinner went to Keith’s Theatre “Variety.”

Friday, Oct. 20th rained all morning and Essie stayed at the hotel while Jack went out for a couple of hours on business. After lunch it cleared and we went to Faniel Hall, the fish market and the wharves crossed the bay by ferry and thence by trolley to chelsea and home after visit some of the big stones. After dinner wen to Boston Museum where we saw “The Sign of the Cross”.

Saturday, Oct 21st. Weather clear and cool. After breakfast started for South Boston taking camera along and had a long walk along the water front and through the town. Took several pictures, then went to Union Station where we took a couple of pictures, thence to hotel. After lunch went by trolley to Cambridge and ‘Soldiers’ Field” where we saw a football game between “Harvard” & “Brown”, the fomer winning. Returning to Park Square we shopped some and returned to hotel for dinner afterwards going to Castle Square Theatre to see ” The Jilt”.

Sunday, Oct. 22nd Weather beautifully fine. After breakfast went for a walk and then by trolley to Dorchester, another walk and trolley to Hotel. Made preparatime for leaving and after lunch walked to the Public Library were we passed a couple hours and then walked to the hotel. After dinner went to Station and took train for Fall River (picture below) and boat to New York after a most delightful stay in Boston.

Monday, Oct. 23rd Arrive in New York at 6 a.m. and went to Imperial Hotel. Weather cloudy, clearing about nine o’clock. After breakfast went shopping at Wanamaker’s and then took a long walk to Post Office and other points of interest. Returned to hotel and after lunch walked out Broadway some distance and then took an automobile ride along Riverside Drive to Grant’s Tomb and home by Morningside Park. On our return we took a car to The Battery and passed about an hour watching the moving vessels. Returned to hotel and after dinner went to Wallack’s Theatre to see “Gov. Stuyvesant”

Tuesday, Oct. 24th Weather cloudy but pleasant. Car to City Hall and then walked over Brooklyn Bridge, telegraphed congratulations to Mr. & Mrs.Reeves, car to Prospect Park. Had a delighful trip over the Park, took several photographs and then rode to Coney Island. Had lunch there and after seeing what was left of the summer season returned by way of Greenwood Cemetery and Brooklyn Bridge to the hotel, stopping at Wanamaker’s on our way. After dinner went to “Koster & Bials.”

Wednesday, Oct. 25th Weather cloudy but pleasant. After breakfast went for a drive along 5th Ave. to to Central Park. Visited Metropol Museum and walked through the Park, taking a couple of pictures. Car to 52nd St., called on Mrs. Watkins and Mrs. Pilling. Returned to hotel and after lunch rode downtown and then walked over “The Bowery” and along its famous street. Returned to hotel and after dinner left for 23rd St Ferry and home by the Penn R.R. after delightful wedding trip Home at 10:30 P.M.


52ancestors in 52 weeks; Week 22 uncertain

Family History is interesting to work on. Yes you might find theives in your lines, but you might find great men in youir lines or people you respect and honor and wish to meet them someday in the here after to talk to them about things you wondered about.

The topic this week is uncertain –

I have several lines, well at least 3 of them  that i am uncertain about.

  1. I have great grandfather that came to this country from Italy. He came over with his future wife”s family possibly, but uncertain about this. There were some event which I am uncertain where they came from , just some history that some of the family seem to be circulating and uncertain where it came from. The story I have been told is my great grandfather’s mother had an affair with a priest. She apparently she cleaned the church but got pregnant by a priest. The priest name has not been preserved. So my great grandfather doesn’t really know his heritage. Althought with DNA available, my doesn’t show up that I have very much Italian so this story could be true. But will have to wait and find out in next world. He was raised by his mother and her husband.

2. The next uncertainty I have is I have great great grandmother her really name was Margaretta Lawson Wright. She goes by Maggie, she is from Philadelphia,

Her father is from Indiana as it ws stated on Census record. He is only know as Mr. Wright, his first name was not preserved for future geneartions. Sometime and not sure where Margaretta aka Maggie marries Walter E. Burroughs probably an Englishmen. There seem to many of my ancestors married to Englishmen. She may have had three children with him. The where abouts of him is not known. I didn’t even know what her first husband name was but one day my mother told me that her mother was related to Locke but she didn’t know how. When I found out how they were related, it was too late as my mother lost her short term memory.

I was so excited to share it with her, but she doesn’t understand. I decided to look and see what I could find out each child she had. The first child was a girl, her name was Eva Locke. I found her death certificate shows her married to Peter Locke. and she died as Eva Locke. On Pennsylvania Certificates of Death they ask who father is and where he was born, and her mother and where she was born. Her husband was the informant and put down Walter Burroughs, England. When I read that I was on fire with happiness, I could not believe I finally found her maiden name as well as my great grandmother’s first husband’s name.. I feel I was led to this by our kind Heavely Father. Her mother’s maiden name was listed as Margaret Wright born in Philadelphia.

I am stumped as I dont’ know where Margaretta Lawson was born. or who her parents are for sure. I did find a group called the Childs that kind of did a family study of our ancestors. But there are to many Margaret Childs and my great great grandmother Married 2nd time to her uncle, yes her uncle, Abraham Childs. They were listed in 1880 Census and he had been married before to a Caroline who died and thus all their children were compiled in the census record as being  Abraham’s children. Which wasn’t true at all , you would know by their ages that there was no way his 2nd wife could have had all of them.

My great grandmother’s first three children were listed as Childs, later someone in the family states that the 2 boys were from her first marriage and my Aunt saids that they thought Eva  Childs was actually from her first marraige so her maiden name would have been Eva Burroughs. My great grandmother’s first husband either died or he went back to England or ran off with someone else as I can not find him anywhere. So I am very uncertain about this part of the family tree.

3. There is another line on my tree I am uncertain about and that is my father’s great grand father Robert Long who served in Civil War. His pension papers indicate his parent’s names are John Long & Elizabeth Dent. Robert get  married after he gets out of the civil war. He had about 12 children.

I can find John and Elizabeth in 1850 &1860 Census together but in 1870 she is widow living with a son. Sometime between 1860- 1870 he has died.

One family tree on ancestry has him dying in 1865. But I am uncertain as to where this information came from.

The next thing I was told by a cousin about this family that they were Germans not Indians or Irish decents. I was also told they were Lounge in Germany but it was pronounced Long. I was also told that they were both born in Pennsylvania but have yet to find where as this was not passed down. Then I was told they were Langs. I looked for them. Then just recently someone  added them to cemetery plot out side of Thompsonville, Juniata County Pennslvania. The cemetery is Locust Run, but they are listed as John Lang and Elizabeth Lang. Nothing more is know about them. I am up a brick wall with these two.  They had 4 children as far as I can tell together. Someone thought he might have been married before but I can’t seem to find any information about this fellow. So this is my uncertain circumstances dealing with this family too. I know you are to look in surrounding counties. One county that is south of them is called Perry County. They have slew of Long’s down there but John Long is sucha a common names and I don’t known if he had a middle initial. The other thing is the cemetery record on Findagrave list them as Lang’s which I thought was strange. Particularly all there lives they wer elisted as Long’s on Census records. So I am uncertain if these are my people as I don’t have any proof and not sure the sexton knows too much about it either. I did visit the courhouse a few years back but there wasn’t anything there to indicate if they had will. I have wondered if he worked on railroad and had accident. So many of the Long’s seemed to have worked for the railroads as luggage, conductors, Engineers, laborers, Formans.

So I am letting them sit  awhile and hope someone decides to do their DNA that will be close cousin who kept good notes and can share something new with me.

What about you guys, have you gotten your DNA dones yet?

May Prompt, Day 28, Altered


When’s the last time you decided that the wisest course of action was neutrality? Whether in a dispute between friends or some matter of politics, parenting, horsemanship, or scripture? Did sitting on the fence seem like the best (safest) response?

Mature wisdom follows Jesus’s advice to be “Wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove.” Those less mature often use this verse as an excuse to NOT make a choice except to sit on the fence.

“I’ll wait.”


There are two sides to any fence. Simply put, God is on one side and Satan is on the other. One side is good and the other is evil. Likewise, one side is Light and the other dark. On one side you confess Christ, on the other you deny Him.

Can you remain neutral? Not unless the choice is of zero consequence, like what to put on your morning toast; butter or jam?

In any meaningful choice, neutrality isn’t possible. Climbing onto the rails and balancing IS a choice and a precarious place. It is a choice against God, good, and Light.

Because the devil owns the fence.


Sure, you can choose to sit on the fence. But when it comes to faith, that seat will keep getting warmer until you’re forced to evacuate. Sadly, the only side available will be the NOT GOD side.

Don’t fall into the trap the world and the devil lay for those susceptible to distraction, rationalization, and attractive human wisdom.  Choose today. Recognize how important that choice is, because it determines which door to eternity will open for you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have been watiching the “Ulysses S. Grant”  on the History Channel with my husband for three nights this week. I learned a lot about Civil War, about Grant’s upbriging, the military and his persistence. He was great horseman which I had no known.

He kind of reminded me of Moses in the bible when Moses saids to God,” who me Lord, I am humble man and am slow of speech.” I feel that Mr. Grant may have had some of the same attributes that Moses had. But I feel he may have been led by the Lord too.  It’s mind changing to see what men went thru for freedom and emancipation. If you want to read more here is the link; https://www.history.com/shows/grant

It sad that his legacy has been swept under the rug.

I could not believe my eyes to see white men and we still have it today that they are quick to shoot black men in cold blood or knock them  around. Some people don’t treat them right to this day. They will have to answer to God one day who made all of us equal. They have heart just like we do, just because they are black and I am white does not mean we are better then them.

I am sad the way the democrats and some of republicans have treated, critcized and lied about President Trump. It’s called  bullying. People lives have been affected along with their families. So much disrespectfulness to the President and his family.  I am sure this is not the end of this type of cruel behavior.

The News people used to report the news, now they have stations that either give opinoins, or show their hatred and lies about events or don’t share the good events as they want to portray President as an evil person, and no less a poor President. Is this one sided news?

Now the truth is coming out. There is so much contention that they are stirring up in America. Who wants contention? – its Satan. Where does contention come from? Satan, he wants you to be unhappy like him.

I am sad to hear that schools do not teach children history of our country anymore. There excuse is they are not tested on it. . Also history repeats itself and knowing what has happen in the past helps you know what to do or understand the future.  This may be a way for others to control us if we don’t know about our ancestors or what has happened to others in the plight for freedom.

A monmument was placed in Washington DC to honor 3 men some time ago: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses Grant. Soon these men have been pushed under the rug and the history of these men have been changed. To alter history for the sake of someone that wants power.

When I was senior in high school I wrote to the editor of the newspaper my opinion about the flag, I think my over all point at the time was “United We Stand, Divided we Fall. I was surprised it was published and there were few people that actually called me to thank me for my beliefs.

This is tough topic to talk about. But I want my freedom, I don’t want anyone to tell me what I can do and not do. I want freedom of press, and freedom to travel. I don’t want to live under soicalist government nor communist rule either. I feel very sad for the people in Honk Kong right now. That their lives are going to be turned upside down. Pushed around by angry tyrants. We need to pray for them and we need to pray for our country too.

What does the United States flag represent?
The stripes represent the original 13 Colonies and the stars represent the 50 states of the Union. The colors of the flag are symbolic as well; red symbolizes hardiness and valor, white symbolizes purity and innocence, and blue represents vigilance, perseverance and justice.
Do we have this today?

May Prompts, Day 27, Danner’s Bakery


When I was out walking around in the cemetery today. We came across a very tall tombstone. I said to my husband, there use to be Danner’s Bakery on Fremont Street but since then has turned into a home. He pointed out that I didn’t see a bakery man. Then I knew it was same fellow. I like looking up history about things that I remember being here in town then is now gone.

I have terrible habit of using the word “So” . I am trying to break my habit of this. Anyway on with the story.

I did a google search and here is what I found out about this place – the following article was posted online at Galesburg Register on  13 August 2010:

Baking of pastries and bread is continuing at Danner’s Fremont House Bakery, 260 E. Fremont St., but a slump in sales has caused owner/operator Cresencio “Creeto” Sanchez to close the bakery’s retail store. Business is now just being done with restaurants. In a sense, the business is returning to its roots.

“I’ve been here 20 years and I’ve been the owner for the last 11. This is unlike anything I’ve ever done. I’m just trying to keep my job,” Sanchez said, with a rueful laugh.

Sanchez said the retail store closed Aug. 13. He declined to say how many employees had to be let go, but there are just three who remain, including the owner. He said the bakery also is no longer supplying supermarkets with products. Sanchez blamed the continuing poor economy for the slowdown in sales.

He said the ever-increasing cost of operations is another factor, along with the sales slump, he can’t control. Reducing the number of employees is one cost he was able to do something about.

The history of the bakery stretches back almost 40 years. In 1971, Wilbur Danner started a wholesale baking business behind Pizza House to make breads for the restaurant. After acquiring the facility on Fremont Street, Danner came up with the Danner’s Fremont House Bakery name.

Douglas Scherer, Danner’s stepson, worked part time at the bakery and became a silent partner. He became sole owner upon Danner’s death in the late 1980s.

Sanchez began working at the bakery in 1991 when he was 19, then worked his way up to manager. In 1998, he began buying the business on contract from Scherer. In March 2002, he obtained bank financing to pay off the contract.

I tried doing search for his obituary but it would not come up. So I found that he is on findagrave and someone posted a nice biography/obituary so will include that here too.

The Astoria South Fulton Argus (Illinois) April 15, 1987
Wilbur Danner Of Galesburg Dies
Wilbur L. Danner, 61, 959 Parkview Road, Galesburg, died at his home at 5:35 a.m. Wednesday, April 8, 1987.
He was born Aug. 11, 1925, in Galesburg, a son of Grover W. and Laura Kost Danner. He married Candace Scherer Dec. 21, 1948, in Galesburg, She survives.

Also surviving are two sons, Douglas J. Scherer of Galesburg, and Terry M. Scherer of West Point, Neb.; seven grandchildren; one great-grandchild; his mother of Galesburg; and two sisters, Mrs. Robert F.(Audrey)Nelson and Mrs. Virgil(Sara)May of Galesburg.

He was employed by the Lucky Boy Bakery for 21 years, then owned and operated Danner’s Fremont House Bakery for 14 years.

He was a member of the Knox County Board of Supervisors for 19 years, where he served as vice chairman of the finance and Knox County Nursing Home committees.

A Navy veteran of World War II, he was a member of the American Legion, V.F.W., Masonic Lodge and St. Aloysius Catholic Church.

Funeral services were held at 1 p.m. Saturday at his church with Rev. Richard Slavish officiating. Burial was in Memorial Park Cemetery. Memorials may be made to his church.

I like to read what people have done in their lives lately. When we kind of get back to normal I think I will go to the historical society or library to see what else I can find out. I remember patronizing this bakery when I lived here. It’s ahame little stores get pushed to the side and you kind of miss that home town shops too. I guess many of the malls are closing and going back to individual stores. Which I kind of like, but I am kind of old fashion at time.

I can’t wait till a shoe store gets to open up, My tennis shoes are wearing out and I was glad that when we were at the cemetery today that I got to walk in grass instead of the heard road. The insides of my shoes are wearing thin and I can almost feel every surface as if I was going bare footed. They are not comfortable like they use to be.

Another thing I have noticed about shopping at the grocery stores, is the best time to go is during the dinner hour. It is so peaceful, there doesn’t seem to be as many rude people wanting to tramble over you. The stores are pretty empty then you can go where you want to go and not run into traffic jam in the store aisles. I avoid Walmart on Saturdays now. It is such a mad house. I don’t think I need to say anything else.

Here is one picture of the shop. But this has been added onto , it didn’t look like this what I remember it as.

Jay Talking: Delicious memories of Fremont House Bakery - Blogs ...

Till next time.



May Prompt, Day 25, Topic: Stones


What is the first thing you think of when you see Stones?

My first thought was Sticks and Stones can break my bones…. according to Wikpedia -The rhyme is used as a defense against name-calling and verbal bullying. Intended to increase resiliency, avoid physical retaliation and to remain calm and good-living.

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words will never hurt me.

But  on Google shows there is “Sticks and Stones Designs , Inc. Minneapolis, Minnestoa”; a “furniture company called Sticks and Stones in Chicago, IL.”; and “Sticks and Stones Wood Fired Pizza in Burr Ridge, Illinois.”

On Memorial Day, we went to the cemetery and placed flowers on our ancestors tombstones or at least in front of them. . Then we took pictures and send it to family members that live out of state.

This year my husband pointed out many tombstones of people he remembered. One person started the Porter Hays Insurance Company back in the day. Another person started a barber shop in his home. He didn’t have education or license and he only changed 50 cents. He had it in his home, then later moved into town. Some were his parents best friends. HIs uncles house had been where Casey now stands, which I had not realized. He said they had garage outback and behind the garage were train tracks. He remembers sneaking to put penny on the track so it would get flatten. These are some of the memories he shared with me. Then we past one of his high school friends Michael who had passed away in 2006. He mentioned his grandfather was from the Island of Man. He said when he applied for draftmen job that had been adveritised, he ran in to his old H.S. Friend who was working there at the time. Then he had someone else interview him the same day and they hire him that day. They promised to pay him $700 a month.  Then we continued to walk around looking at the different names or unususal tombstones. I thought to myself that he would make a great tour guide of cemeteries if they ever needed one. It really amazed me the things he could remember about people. Can you do that?

This year I decided to take pictures of some of the stones with just years engraved on their tombstones.  I thought I would  see if I could do a little more research and then add their name to findagrave or if there name was in findagrave make suggestions to give  further information for someone that either doesn’t know where to look for them or to help them along in their research.

I found a Frank Fenical in Galva Cemetery, Lynn Township, Knox County, Illinois. Here is one of the stones with his family names:


After researching his name today, I found that Frank was born May 1876 in Harrisburg, Daphin, Pennslyvania and he died 27 November 1960 Geneseo, Henry, Illinois – I found his death date on Obituary Index. I found his birth month/year in 1900 US Fed Census in Kewanee Twp, Henry, IL.  His death date was from obituary index, then I search at  Geneseo Public Library Ditgital Archives and found Geneseo Republican Newspaper the real  obituary notice.

I am happy camper that I was able find all this information.  I posted it on findagrave as suggestion. I figured it would take about 2 days to change it. But when I went back in this information had been added. I was excited to see that, it turned out that findagrave was custody of this certain gravesite and they must have checked out my information and added it.  Although I believe the birthdate may not be correct in the newspaper.

Here are some other tombstones I took pictures of because of the designs –

Book and Shops Tombstones were side by side in the cemetery, It caught my eye right a ways so had to have a picture of both of them.

i liked the design and notice the names of people are at the base of this monument.


I like this particularly because if was very tall stone, but the birds seemed to have perched their nest in the front of the tombstone as if to say they were watching over these folks. Cemeteries seem to be haven for the birds. Is it little bit of heaven on earth here? What do you think?

Normally you don’t see the deceased names on top of the stone, it will get all the wind and rain and probably not last for long and dirt and dust will accumulate.

I thought the open design idea was beautiful and unusal. My last one is trees and mountains that have been carved into the stone. If and when I get a tomstone, I think I would like a design like this one…

May Prompts, Day 22, Topic: Dirt


I had several topics running around in my head today. We thought our weather was going to be sunny, then they forcasted serve rain storm. We got a few sprinkles while outside, but it seemed to be going somewhere else. We didn’t get the pouring rain we thought we would be getting.

Yesterday, I  purchased a few perrenial plants so they would come up every year. Namely, a Mountain Sage Plant, but it reminds me of Salvia Plant with tall purple spikes, and another one that looks like something you see in meadow that is wildflower. It has blue flower that grows to heigth of 12-15 inches and a Bleeding heart. This went in the garden in front corner of the house. I actually enjoyed weeding the garden, soaking up the Vitamin D. and not being in the house today. I think it invigorated me.

Here are few pictures of the three plants I planted

May Prompt, Day 21: block


Did you walk around the block this morning?  I have been meaning too. But haven’t made it. I have lots of irons in the fire right here at home.

I bartered with friend. She wanted her needle work blocked and framed. I used to be a professional framer for about 6 years. It was a fun job, At the time it was DIY shop. I had the opportunity of being in sales and helping customers make selection as to how they wanted to frame their art work,, needle work, you name it we did it.

We have been quaranteed since March 14, I had visited many of the 2nd hand stores looking for frames to fit her needlework. But around where I live, the second hand stores have finally  figured out how to get around the rules in place. They started last week I heard. They post items on Facebook. if you see something you want to purchase, you type in sold. Then they contact you and tell you when to come in.

I needed some art supplies last week, it was really easy to put an order in. Then they called took my payment over the phone and told me when I could come and pick it up. When I arrived, i had to call a number to let them know I was outside and they brought out my  purchase. I wonder if we will be doing this all year long until the virus has chance of having a low curve on it?

The past three days I finally got motivated to do the blocking and framing that I needed to complete. I had a total of 6 items. I have completed 5 of them. I have one to go, it’s a very large sampler, I bet that frame is 18 x 24, that is just a quess. I will be in very large frame and I may start up on Saturday or next week, not sure. Anyhow I thought I would display the ones I did so far.

She had not left much room to block this Faith picture, they she decided she wanted to hang this from twig instead of having it in a frame. We had lot of extra fabric on one side. This was not centered at all when she was working on it. I took a strip of the fabric, and turned one side in and the other side folded over the first. This gave the strap 3 layers which I felt gave it more strength to hang from a wooden dow stick. I found two large buttoms that had some of the colors that the needlework had in it and sewed them on thruough two layers. What I did was part of strap is going to be glued to back, then I make a loop so the wooeden dowel stick could go thru both straps at the top. I did block another one today but I didn’t get a picture taken of it. It was a wee small one, it was 5 x 5 inches all the way around.

I text her the frames I had completed. She had 5 more to frame, but unfortunately we don’ t have frames for them. So she had decided that one of them is going to be made into a tiny pillow that she is going to stick in a bowl. I can’t imagine what she is doing, but when I go over to her house, I will have to make a point and ask her about it. The other four she is planning a trip to Hobby Lobby and wants me to go along and help her select a frame for her the ones she had left to frame.

The faith one, I hung on an old telephone plate. It is over my sewing machine. I am glad I have found something I had hang down there. I might see if I can find a command hook I can use instead of just handing the rod completed. Oh, I forgot to tell you, she said she was making that for me. That is why I have it where it is hanging for now.

Well I hope youi are motivated and if you are not I hope you have something to look forward too. Keep in mind this isn’t going to last forever.