Funerals, Family, and Friends

When I am  thinking about my titles for WordPress, I like to keep them simple with three words or one word. But as I was looking for something to go with Funeral, Families & _____. I typed in google those words and came across this neat article it was called “Keeping Families together when the glue is gone.” I have included the link below in case it would help someone. I needed it, so glad I found it by accident.

But what brought me to this point was, I attended a funeral today. I knew her kids. She had 2 boys and 1 girl. The girl I got to know most recently as she was the caregiver and a nun and she moved in to take care of her mother. I got acquainted with her at the library where I worked.

The other reason we knew each other, was because my mother was secretary for her father and later the son (her brother) when he took over the business. The one son was in the same class in school as I was. The other son ran the business that my mother was secretary for over 30 years or more not sure how long she worked for them.

The interesting part was mom was very close to this family. She gave them gifts at Christmas time. I had heard neat stories about their children that mom shared with us over the years she worked there.  I  had never met them.

Today I went up and introduced myself. I told them I was daughter of Peggy. They all expressed their love for my mother. They thought she was  sweet, kind and they had special feeling for her, like she was part of their family.

But one person surprised me with his reaction, he said when he was in high school he could not understand how two people didn’t live with each other for 15 years. My mother and father were separated for 15 years. My father walked out and went to live in another city. I explained to him today that dad was an alcoholic. That was all I had to say, he seemed to understand that and we didn’t say anything more about dad. What can one say, its his choice. But he was glad that I came up to him. I saw both of his parents and they both sent their love to my mother. She would have been there if she could have.

I have been thinking about his reaction to their separation. He came from a loving family, and he was probably too young to understand why two people would be separated for 15 years. He said he could not wrap his brain around this. I wonder how many other children think about a parent that leaves them behind.

I remember meeting a social worker that said it was better to come from a broken home then to live in one. I often wished my mother would have left dad sooner. My daughter had a good summary of this situation, she said they were both good people but they rub each other like sandpaper.

I guess some people are like that – some have better brains then suffering it out.

Attention – Genealogist – family historians

I read this in Google news this morning. I meant to get this out sooner but please got to this page and leave your voice

Don’t Hold Our History Hostage

Speak Out Now to Preserve Public Access to Genealogy Records!

Deadline is Dec 30th Today. ugh is there time to voice your opinion

Home Less or Homeless


I would like to talk about the homeless. I use to think that homeless people lived under bridges or in  back alley or in abandon industrial buildings.

While I was still working I remember a case where a mother and her two sons had to live in their car. They would come to the library with greasy hair, long coats probably kept them warm and smelled as they hadn’t had bath for a week or more. But now I am thinking they probably came to the library to use the facilities and get warmed up, take sponge bath in the restrooms at library.

In this day in age, we may have homeless people that live in your own neighborhood who have lost jobs and can’t pay their electric and heating bill. Do you know your neighbors?

Homeless people may not all be on the street, some may be elderly, barely getting by on their income and with food, gasoline and taxes going up, many will be visiting food banks to supplement their income.

What about marijuana that is being legalized across the United States, what will happen to the children? Will they know right from wrong? Will they live in unstable homes or neighborhoods? Will there parents take care of their needs such as food and shelter? Will we have a bigger problem on our hands then we do now?

So next time there is food drive I hope you put in cans that you would eat and not buy donated food you yourself wouldn’t eat.

May we all help the food banks, food drives that the Post Office does from time or any other drives.

The bible tells us we will always have poor among us until the Savior comes again. May God bless you for your donation.

Trick or Treats


I say Treats! My granddaughter is coming to visit us this weekend. So since I don’t get to see her over Halloween. I decided to make her some treats that she can take home with her.

It took me most afternoon to get these completed. The witches brooms are made from stick pretzel and Reese Peanut Butter Cup. I would like to say it is best to put the peanut butter cups in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes so they can harden up a bit. I tried to peel the brown paper off and half of the chocolate came off on the side. So I got them cold first and then peeled all the wrappings off. Then you’ll need them to warm up at room temperature to get the pretzel stick in. I took a tooth pic to puncture a whole in the middle then I took one the ends of the points you use to pipe the icing in with and inserted that in so the pretzel would go into the chocolate and peanut butter cup easier.  If  I had a chop stick I would have used that but couldn’t find one at my finger tips. So I made due with what I had.

The witches hats this year are placed on Oreo Cookie base. My mother always bought the Chocolate Striped shortbread cookies and turned them over piped icing and placed a kiss on top. This year I didn’t feel like using the hole in the cookie ones,  so I decide to use the extra thin Oreo Cookies for my presentations.

I also decided to try my hand at making monster cookies. I keep my cookie decorations in one cupboard so as I was gathering my items, I came across some “edible eyes” I bought few months back and decided to use them for my Halloween cookie project. So the cookies with white icing going back and forth is monster and two little eyes peaking out. The other cookies are suppose to be spiders. When hubby came home he thought one of them looked more like a star fish instead of spider. I had the wrong point on when I made him but decided what the heck going to use it anyhow as I didn’t feel like changing the tip.

I used a butter cream icing. I used unsalted 1/2 cup of butter and put it on counter to soften over night. You need to whip it with beaters, then slowly add 1/2 cup powdered sugar till you hit the 2 cup mark. I added 1 1/2 tsp vanilla and then added 1 T milk and then another Tablespoon of milk and it was ready to go. I was happy to see that I had purchased some colors already mixed so I had orange gel food coloring and purple food coloring  ready mixed for me. I used about 3 drops for the purple and about 2 drops for the orange food coloring. I think they came out pretty cute.

So if you are thinking about making some of your favorite treats for your grand kids, neighborhood kids ( I am also going to make some for my neighbors). Hope I have said something to inspire you. I love making treats and giving them away. I have decided to give few away to some of ladies at church that are either singles or widows. Just to give them some cheer and let them know I was thinking about them.

Happy Halloween!

Simple Stenciling


Recently I was asked to assist at Tie Dye Party. Then when the time came down to the 12th hour, the lady wanted me to teach the class. She explained she had never done this, and since I was the artist she figured I knew how to orchestrate this activity. I was little rusty, but thankfully we have the internet – I was able to educate myself and then show them all how to make a Tie dye shirt. I already had several in my wardrobe. So I elected to make some Tie dye napkins. My husband likes cloth napkins better than paper.

I have several stencils lying around for about year. I haven’t really had a chance to think about it, downsizing takes a tole on you. Trying to find where to put things or give up items. It’s hard when you have sentimental attachments. So yesterday I was kind of multitasking. I decided to sew some handmade hand warmers to add to my Snowman Theme Gift Can. Then I saw my stencils and decided to try my hand at stenciling. I used a scrap foam board that I had on a shelf. I like blue and green but didn’t want to blend them together. I wanted them to be kind of like tie dye so I dip my bush in one color and then in the next color and did my leaves on this illustration this way. I sort of blended them but not to much. My flower still needs work on it. But I think for the first time experimenting. I didn’t do a half bad job. I am quite pleased with my outcome. Now I want to do some more stenciling. I think my next project is going to be mixed media on canvas and using this technique in parts of it. I just wanted to share my excitement and can’t wait to get back and try some more experimenting.

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Snowman Theme Gift Idea


I belong to a non-profit organization that has auctions twice a year. The Spring auction I made a garden bouquet. I set out using clay pot added about 3 tools along with some flowers. It auctioned for $26.

So their next auction is coming up at the end of October, I have been  planning this since the last one so I could be on the look out for anything that had to do with a snowman theme. I love using #10 cans as they are easy to manipulate such as painting or gluing fabric to the can or be as creative as you want to be…  You could use a coffee container or box or there are papier- mache boxes that HobbyLobby carries that are fun to use too.

I found a Snowman Spoon Rest which is standing up, along with snowman coasters which are at the bottom, snowman cookie mold and cheese knife with snowman for the handle. There is snowman mug in the front holding some snowman paper napkins but that is down in the can and is not visible to the eye. I plan on attaching a pair of paper mittens with the contents so they will know what they are bidding on. I spray painted the can blue. I used some premade white self stick letters on side of the can that says “Let it Snow”. I found this neat way to texture the can to look like snow dripping down the side from this website

I recently came across a blog that made homemade hand warmers using rice and lavender. But instead of using lavender which this time of year would be hard to find, I used some peppermint essential oil in the rice instead. The first blogger was using 3.5 x 3 inch size but it turned out to me to be more for little people. Then I found blogger that made them out of flannel shirts and her size with 4″ x 5″ so i am using that size but I found in my material stash some snowman material perfect for my theme.  Will be adding them to my can of goodies for the upcoming auction on 30th of this month.

I am going to start putting more craft ideas up on this website. I have retired and enjoying trying new things. Last night I was up till 3am as I could not sleep so I made a long list of theme baskets.  I hope to make some of them and share them here.




Cash or Cure

This has been a process you know. It did not happen over night. Do we really come up with things ourselves, or are we prompted by our Father in Heaven?

About 2016, I was struggling with being over weight , my back was bothering me and I knew if I could get some weight off I would feel so much better. Well along came this newsletter, I didn’t normally pay much attention as it was geared more towards kids lunches. But one day I notice that they were designing incredible lunches without the normal peanut butter sandwiches etc. It seemed to catch my eye. Then around Christmas time they actually were offering to adults this 15 day course to get off of process food. This person explained the effects it has on our health. So I signed up, I figured it was cheaper than going to Weight Watchers. To make long story short, I lost 20 lbs doing what she suggested. It strange when you are loose weight that you lose it in your arms and wrist first.

Then I don’t know how I came across this Facebook Page called the “Discovering the Word of Wisdom”. I joined this group and it helps keep you on the straight and narrow road so to speak. But at times I have fallen off the wagon. In the beginning I had lost a lot of teeth and swore I would never eat candy or sugar stuff. But somehow the pain went away and I fell off the wagon and participated in too much sugar stuff. I did stay off for 2 years. So now I am starting over.

This leads me to the next subject, teeth. I found this lady that does WFPB (whole foods plant base) and in her blog she mentioned that she avoided having a root canal done. She was inspired and made some a Sesame seed smoothies. She consequently had prayed and did not have to get a root canal because she changed her diet. There are still miracles happening today. So I was surprised to find that bit of information in my online journey.

If you are familiar with reflexology our feet are connected to different organs in our bodies. Apparently some one has studied that our teeth are connected to our organs too. So recently I started thinking about root canals and did I really need one done over again and could my diet have something to do with it? Could I avoid this ? So I asked the “Homeopathy for Latter-day Saint families on Facebook. Some one suggested that I read book called “The Dental Diet” ISBN # is 13-978-1401953195, and someone else suggested I read “Cure Tooth Decay” by Ramiel Nagel ISBN # 9781434810601. I am trying to get a copy thru interlibrary loan thru my library presently.
So I am back on my rigid meal plan, I didn’t drink any sugary drinks, I didn’t use maple syrup but used some dates instead to eat for desert after dinner tonight.

If you have ever thought of this or would like to save yourselves thousands of dollars and your health, you might try reading up on this topic. Hope this helps someone out there. Till later..