Family History: 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: week 41: newest

Week 41 is the “Newest”. I have neice that asked if I would make two books for her son and daughter. Since that time, I lost much of my notes that I stored on my computer. My computer took a nose dive and I was sad that the computer doctor could not retrieve my notes. However things that were important have come back to me in small tibits. Which I am grateful for.

Just recently, I dug out some papers I had handwritten. I still had some gaps and decided to look up each name along with spouses and children. I know that there are many people that are indexing records that have not been available in the past. But with the digital age they are able to have them indexed so we can more readily find most of our ancestors that we could not find before. We are so blessed.

The family I decided to work on was the Belsanti family. Lucas (Luke) came with his family from Gravina in Puglia, Bari, Apulia, Italy. His family resided in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1900 US Federal Census, he was 16. He is listed with his parents Michele and Francesca (54 yrs of age). He has sister (Mary Madeline) who is now married to Rocco DiMattia. He also has sister Anna but she either married in Italy and did not come over or she may have died. This will be another day to research what happened to her.

Here’s a little background information on Lucas (Luke) Belsanti. He was born in Italy in 1884 and he came to America with his parents. They were residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. He met his wife in Philadelphia, they had their first son, Edward who was born in Philly in 1912. They have moved to Gloucester City, Camden County and in 1915 New Jersey State Census -they have another son Lucas Jr. born in 1915. One of census list the father as carpenter.

Luke has shown up on World War I a Draft Registration card. (1917-1918) He has listed Elizabeth has his nearest relative and they are residing together in Camden County, New Jersey.

In 1920 US Federal Census he is residing in Gloucester City, Camden, N.J. married, renting, with wife Elizabeth age 33, and two sons Edward age 7 and Luke age 5. The census taker listed this place as Gloucester City part 1 and was enumerated on 5th day of January 1920.

Then I found a New Jersey Deaths and Burials – we find that Luke Belsanti had died in June 1920 at age of 31. I wrote to Camden County clerk and I called County clerk as I wanted to verify that this was same man I was looking for. The clerk stated his fathers name as being Michele Belsanti. Then I wrote to Camden County Genealogical Society to see if they could locate his final resting place. They found him in Old St. Mary’s Cemetery in Gloucester, Camden, N.J. I am not sure what he died of but he died in June 1920 at age if 31. I don’t know if it was accident or an illness that caused his death. I did not find his wife in the 1930’s. But she probably went back to Philadelphia to be near her parents to raise her children. But at one time I was not sure where she was from in the first place.

Then within last couple days I found where Luke’s son Edward J. Belsanti and Anna D. Lewis have marriage vows on 17 June 1935. This came from “Pennsylvania County Marriages 1885 – 1950. The new information I obtained from this record was Edward’s parents name and this included his mother’s maiden name. A bonus in disguise as I was able to find her parents in a later search. That just brought so much joy to my being. His mom’s name was Elizabeth Slavin. Also listed on this marriage application was his wife’s (Anna Lewis’s) parents names being Howard and Ann Franz. This takes me out another generation on his wife’s side. More research for me to do, I am excited.

I decided early this year to subscribe to thru ancestry. It has been such a blessing. I would recommend this. I was able to find Edward J. Belsanti obituary in Camden , New Jersey he was living in Pine Hill at time of his death and buried in Berlin, Camden County, N.J. in Gates of Heaven Cemetery. He list his mothers second marriage and his brothers names. Which lead me to more research. Edward passed away before his mother on 20 June 1957. His mother will pass in 1962.

So this is the trail that I followed to find my ancestors. There’s always more and hopefully I will run into someone that is actually a decscendant of this family. After all we would be cousins. I am sticking to my story. Thats all I have to say for now. Till Later…

Mixed Media Necklace

I picked out different beads that appealed to me. Then I decided to make a mixed media necklace. I wear it mostly with jeans or casual dresses.

It’s become one of my favorites and I try to wear these all the time when I am going shopping. I really love the way they came together.

Just wanted to show it off…

Join us for October General Conference 2020


October 2020 General Conference Will Be Virtual Only

Join us this Saturday, October 3, 2020 at 10:00 Mountain Time and or Sunday, October 4th at 10 am Mountain Time for our October General Conference… the theme this year is “Peace in Christ”  With a lot of turmoil and sickness going on this year, we need to find peace and assurance that Christ is still there for you and feel his presence.

This coming Saturday and Sunday our Church has what is called General Conference. In the past, members and non members would flock to Conference Center in Salt Lake City to watch General Conference and enjoy the Spiritual Talks from various leaders from the pulpit.

But this year they are holding  them virtually.  The theme for this Conference is “Peace in Christ”. We usually have General Conference in April and in October. Usually the first weekend. This year it will be held on  October 3rd and 4th starting at 10:00 mountain time till 2pm, then 3-5pm and Saturday evening will be broadcast for the Women of the church from 11 and older at 6pm Mountain Time, and 7pm Central time and 8pm Eastern Time.  This is normally on a BYU channel or can be seen on internet here’s a few link that describes more in detail:


52 ancestors in 52 weeks, week 39: should be a movie


Week 39 of my Genealogy challenge,  from the Amy Johnson Crow, of writing something about your Ancestors for a whole year, #52Ancestors in 52 weeks. This week’s prompt is ‘Should be a Movie’…

I didn’t have to think much about who I would write about or what would make a good movie. I thought about my great grandfather. I have mentioned him before, but decided to see if I could find the book and relate a few items of interest. This is how it started.

Right before I was getting ready to marry my second husband, I came home only to find my grandmother sitting at her desk. She held in her hands small letter size papers in  weeping as she read this. I was someone taken back as I had never seen her cry before. I went over to see what was wrong. That is when I found out that her father had been missing for 2 1/2 years. I had never heard about this before. I was somewhat stunned. She explained in short summary as to what had happened to her father.   She explained that he kept a record of his life during that period of time. But that it was nothing unusual as he had done things like that when he was living normal life.

My great grandfather had amnesia from 5 May 1923 till September 1925. It was supposed that he was on his way to work that he was hit over the head, robbed and put onto a frieght car and landed in Eastern Tennesse.

Here is the first excerpt: On a beautiful warm day in early spring about 5 o’clock in the afternoon I had fallen asleep in an open train shed along a railroad in Eastern Tennessee. The sheld open in front and around the three sides benches for passengers awariting a train. Several gun reports close by startled and awakened me and getting up from the bench too suddenly made me dizzy and I fell to the floor. Five mountaineers came in and raised me onto the bench. The dizziness clasped quickly and not being hurt by the fall, I sat up and aksed what the gun shotting meant and one said, “Mr. were only having a little horse play back of the shed, having just quit work and on our way Home.”  “Where am I”….. Gray’s”. Guess nobody and distance from here. Its in Tennesse. By this time they were sitting and each man had a knife a couple were whittling sticks and the others cutting niches in the bench. Said one, “Where did you come from?” I don’t seem to know – can’t remember being here before or in Tennesse, either.” Well Hobo, you must be a tramp or getaway as you don’t want to tell anything. What’s your name?” That remark nettled me as I was dressed better than any of them very little this name for dist as I could see so I answered at once John Farnam. Do I look like a tramp, I don’t feel as if I have ever been one. But with several days growth of whiskers, an old black cluch hat I was not very presentable especially with a good coating of dust. Well dad, if you get upper income you have a very poor alibi. In the meantime the wind had begunt o rise and the limbs of the tree which I could see from where I was sitting were swaying and a man remarked “It’s going to rain,” Me for home” and they all echoed his statement. I said, “Is there any place round here where I could get a place to sleep” Very few houses here abouts and they are filled with children and babies but there is a place about a mile beyond where you could find a place to sleep.

So here is man the doesn’t know where he came from, never been to Tennessee and didn’t know his name. As you can see from the paragraph above it was someone that could write very well and express himself. He actually was from the  Philadelphia area when this unfortunate event happened to him.  He found on himself, or rather his sole possessions were six cents in his pocket, wearing dark blue suit soiled somewhat by dust, a couple of keys on ring, pipe tobacco and matches, no papers or letter or anything that would raise an impression me that matters should be otherwise than in my condition at this time. How did he handle this? He said, “I drifted and took things as they came and they came swiftly. Gray’s didn’t look good to him, so he started along the road to find the place of which the man spoke of but never found it. He was on foot during his wandering in place he was not famailar with.

He did cross the Tennesse line into Gate City, Virginia. I had gone since breakfast without food and it came to the point where i must beg for food as there seemed no chance of getting any work in this territory except possibly the hardest kind of labor which I did not feel myself capable, noting the husky man engaged in such work. Besides it did not seem as if I had any knowledgeof work, my  hands and muscles being too soft for labor and yet not adapted for anytihng  in particular. I had no hestiancy in asking for “a little something to eat” except waiting for a hunch as to when best to attain it. My first attempt was a success, quite a good dish of food handed me on the back steps of a cottage, the woman appearing to take pleasure in the giving me food and talking to me about my day tramp. From then on I did not do any indiscriminating begging but followed my “hunch” and it seldom failed a few of which will folllow later.

After leaving this house came the question of sleeping quarters for the night. His thoughts on this was he would find abandant places and had hard time sleeping due to the cold night and would wake up with cramps but regardless of his dificult situation, he didn’t feel it was right for him to leave the doors open, so he would  go out the way he came in and leave it the way he found it.

Some of the places he stayed, they didn’t feel he was the common tramp. He also marveled at the generosity of people who could so little afford to feed strangers. He also mentioned that he noticed his language seemed to be above theirs that it impressed people that way and gave him a better audience on several occasions on remarking that i was not the usual tramp.

He does seem to have his wits about him. Such as he never asks anyone in horse drawn vehicle or auto for a ride and yet rode many miles in preferred rides in automobiles. I heard or read in newspapers where those picked up being attacked after tendering some travelors on the road a life on his way and decided I would rather walk then be passed by as possibly a dangerous person. He did not let it bother him that so few stopped and offered a ride as their feelings were natural and I had not desire to ride with the thousands who under any circumstances would not extend a ride to a stranger.

So this is where he walked for miles and ocassionally got rides. This is how it started. It was Saturday morning and he was on his way to work at Pillings & Sons (medical instrument) company. John worked in the shipping department. However this certain day he never made it to work. It was believed he was knocked over the head and put in a freight train car.  He was on freight train headed for Gray’s in Eastern Tennessee unbeknowst to him. You can see from the map how his travels took him. Mostly by foot. He wretches his kneel and struggles with that.

He meets some amazing people. The  people he got attached to in Jasper, New York names were Andrew Murray. He went to their door and asked if he could sleep in the barn? Neal answered and went and got his father. His father said he could sleep in their home.

John’s daughter went to see them after her father had passed away. They had felt later that he wasn’t an ordinary tramp, they had tried to go after him, but he must have gotten a lift. He made a BIG IMPRESSION on them. Especially Neal. After John got to Cleveland, he wrote a thank you note and gave his address in Cleveland. From then on they were his adopted family and they sent him presents and especially at Christmas time. They really adopted each other. After John finally came home, two daughters visited us in Philadelphia and later John’s daughter, wife and grandson stopped to see them in Jasper, New York. So there are still nice people in the world then help others. This isn’t the whole story here but I have added my views from reading this document.

Little about John’s life, he was born on 23 Feb 1857 in Williamstown, Lancaster, Pennsylvania which later the town was changed to Vintage. His father was Tailor in Lancaster and owned his own shop. His mother died in childbirth having him. His father remarried therefore he was raised by his step mother. His older brother Edward and older sister Mary Elizabeth was from first wife. However, with his first wife dying in childbirth, the children were raised by the second wife. His father and the second wife had family of their own mainly 2 brothers and one sister. (Milton, Charles and Laura).

John attended Franklin Marshall College in Lancaster. He changed to Philadelphia School of Pharmacy and became a druggist. After graduation he decided to travel. He went west working as a druggist. He went to Denver, on to Los Angeles, California then to Sidney, Australia in Sidney for about 3 years; then on to India  for seven years. He lived in Pakistan then to Eruope. He married Essie in 1899 in Philadelphia. He lived on  Overbrook, Pennsylania.

John was very fond of childen and they loved him too. He was buried in Woodland Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There is more detail run down for instance on May 9th night in empty rail road car in Gates City, Virginia; May 23rd near Winchester night in school house awfully cold; Hagertown, Pennsylvania spent night in barn.  He spend nights in old mills, empty cabins and houses, barns, churches , construction car trains; There is much more to this story but didn’t feel I needed to relate all of it here. I think you probably got the picture from some of experiences mentioned above.


Waste Not

Do you ever have those days that you need to get up at certain time and instead you wake up at 2:45am, 5:30am wonder why you even bothered to set your alarm in the first place?

When I was working, there were some days that I did not have to go to work until later in the morning. I noticed if I headed for the computer early and set a time period to be on it, it was better than if I didn’t. Anotherwards, I realized that staying off  of it,  I got more completed then staying on it.  I use to say it was time waster, particularly if you have slow connection.

I am now retired, my hubby is on candy crush for hours, I look at him and realize the things he was going to do in retirement ~ and so much for that. He waste so much time. Don’t you think all afternoon on Candy Crush is too long of time to play this? This even affects our conversation sometimes.

I innocently downloaded a crossword puzzle and if I wake up at 4:18am I would play this till it was decent time to get up. But now I see it as a time waster for me as well.   They say you can get more things done in the morning then later. Even thou I have been a night owl most of my life. I have noticed that if I turn in before midnight, I am alright but it I go to bed after midnight, the next day is not so productive. Have you notice that in your life?

Here are 12 things to consider being more productive:

  1. Get up an hour earlier. I find this works for me, it is my quiet time. Everyone else in the household is still asleep. 
  2. Make a daily to do list. I find that when I cleaning house that thoughts come to me as things I want to get done and so I will write down as they come to my mind. But other times before I go to bed I will write down things I need to complete the following day.
  3. Clear your desk – someone said that this helps you stay focus and clears your mind. But I don’t really agree with this statement. As I am a messy artist and things that are lying around usually help me with my creating process. I don’t feel bad about being a messy artist as I recently met some other people that are messy artist that admitted to it outloud. I feel so much better knowing there are other people out there just like me. Of course I still have to deal with other people in the household that doesn’t understand but I usually ignore them.  One person I know was going to clean their art room out and even throw stuff out. I suggested putting like things in box and labeling incase you find you need something out of that box that you dearly loved or something that you need at that moment. Because maybe a year from now you will need those things you packed away. Now a days people are in throwing away mode. There are so many things disappearing such as newspapers. As more newspapers go online and less people have them delivered, its hard to get newspaper to use for art work or other household activities that you use to have them more available to you. 
  4. Exercise in the morning – I have notice for myself, then when I exercise I have more energy that day and feel really good. 
  5. Focus on one thing at time – some of us can only focus on one thing and then they go onto the next. Some of us are multi- taskers too. 
  6. Start saying No. (this is an area I have trouble with; What about you?
  7. Get enough sleep
  8. Keep your email organized, why do you ask? Well over 200 emails can bring on anxiety. I have, when I have tried to unscribe that they still come in. Someone mention to send it to spam and they will get tired of it and finally take you off their list. 
  9. Taking a break from social media, I am busy with new volunteer job. I was doing some research in another county. They mentioned they were always looking for volunteers to help in the genealogy library which is right up my alley and one of may favorited things to do. I went for an interview and I started about three weeks ago. I donate 4 hours a week. The time really flies over there.  
  10. Read a book  
  11. Take a walk
  12. Do something for yourself.

I wrote in a journal before I retired the things I wanted to completere or visit in my life before I hit the bucket. . I have it organized by topic. I think there are 6 of them. I think it is called a bucket list. For instance: I have a few genealogy request – distance cousins who want copies of my family history, I want to revamp some of my jewelry and  tackle some of sewing projects that have come up.  

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise,” is credited to Benjamin Franklin, though it was a saying before he was born. 


Questions you can ask yourself – “Have I done anything good today?” 



52 ancestors in 52 weeks Week 34 Chosen Family

I wasn’t going to write anything about a ” Chosen Family” in this episode. But after reading a few of my other commerades that have already posted. I decided to write something.

When I first took a DNA test at family tree, when I got my result I had no idea what any of the numbers meant. But this was in their pilot stages. So I just let it ride out. Then I decided to get DNA test at Ancestry. They didn’t seem to have any new people that I could connect with. Some of them had gotten DNA but then they didn’t have tree and then one didn’t really know how they fit in which part of your tree. So I haven’t been really excited about this. I haven’t found any new people or have not connected with any on ancestry.

So one day in late June 2020, I decided to visit a friend from my church. It was her birthday and I like to make candy bouquets. So I made one for her and called a head, but she wasn’t available. Then she called to let me know she was next door at her mothers. I told her I wanted to drop something off. I didn’t say what as i wanted it to be a surprise. When I carried it in, she was so excited and happy she yelled out she loved it. I was little taken back but was happy she liked it.

While there they offered us some cake and pie they had made for her birthday along with some ice cream. Then her mother mention that her son had come across an old Bible and some of the names that were in it, these people attended church up in Kewanee, Illinois area. She asked if I was famaliar with them and I frankly said not really. So her son in law went out to our car to bring my husband in as originally I was dropping it off and I was gong to run back out and we would go on home. But with a Bible and they wanted to know more, my hubby came in to visit as we had attended church up in Kewanee longer than I had. It turns out he knew the family really well. So we stayed and visited. It was the first time we seen anyone since March on account of the COVID 19 stay at home order.

They handed me to the Bible to take home. After i got home I was glanceing thru the names that were written in the marriage section of the Holy Bible. I was really shocked to see this one ladies maiden name it was St. George. What shocked me was I had a friend in 3rd grade and her name was  Candy St. George. You just don’t see that name very oftern. I had been trying to get a hold of her,  but I didn’t know her married name, I tried looking on Facebook but nothing stood out. Finally a girl mentioned she went to certain church and I asked if this person attended there. Her first name was Candy. She said she thought so and was going to see what her married name was for me. She found it and I went to Facebook again and this time all I messaged to her. I asked her  “Did you grown up on East Losey Street? ” She responded with a yes. I told her how I knew her. She said she had often thought about me and wondered how my life turned out.

We decided to get together and talk about our lifes. I told her about the Bible and when we had know each other she was fatherless, but in those days, you just didn’t ask what happen to your dad like we do today. My grandmother was divorced too. So I just thought it was a natural thing and didn’t think anything more about it.

I offered to look into her Family History for her. She had twin boys. From doing research online, the St. George’s seem to have a lot of twins. Her line not only took me to one county but it took me to Warren County, Illinois.

While researching one day over in Warren County, the librarian came upstairs to bring another patron to the Genealogy section. She mentioned for some reason to me, that they were always looking for help. She gave me card to contact someone if I was interested in helping. The man she brought up didn’t really know what he wanted. He was actually working the wrong way on his family tree. But  I just didnt’ feel like arguing or telling him as he was elderly and he seem to have his mine set.  I did agree to look up  a census for him and emailed it to him.

Since then I have been working on making a book for my childhood’s famiy and her kids. So someday when her grandkids ask about their ancestors they will have book to go too. So I like to help others find their “Chosen Family Members”.  I feel when you help someone else up the family tree that something will open up on one of my lines. But frankly I am not looking for that, I just love researching, you learn things about history and its just plain researching and I love doing it. I am not sure why, but I seem to have knack at times of unearthing things that no one else can do. It’s not luck, it actually from Heavenly Father or I feel it is gift that I have.

So even thou I didn’t feel I had a chosen family or family member to talk about, I thought I share what and how I got involved with the St. George’s. I have helped a lot of family members that go to the same church that I go  to over the years. I have also decided to volunteer in another county. The reason I chose that is because they were very friendly and it was something I like to do, and felt the lady was inspried to ask me.

I didn’t realize how many talents I have, until the person in charge of the genealogical library gave me tour of the  place. I would make comments along the way. I have done indexing before, I can do picture framing and cut mats too. I can make or design brochures and businesss cards on the computer. After I got home, I remember I had taken an LTA class and received certificate. I also know how to mend books. My final project for that class was designing how I would organized  the genealogical  material in the library. I mentioned to her about my concerns. We both feel the way the genealogy library is set up right now that it is tacky.  She asked me to write down what I felt. I am in the process of combing thru their shelves to see what is on them, then making notes as to how i would change it around to be more user friendly and how to make it more professional and easier to research.  When I return to volunteer next week, I am taking in my final paper. I put it in my journal about myself so my posterity could read it and know that I attended class to do certain things.

If you actually read to the end of this, sometimes I am very long winded, but if you do, I would like to encourage you to write down your coming and goings. Then start writing book of places you been, things you have accomplished, I guess you could call it autobiography of yourself.  What your childhood was like or things you remember from your childhhood, for instance do you remember how your house was set up, could you draw floor plan, or do you have special memories of vacations, or did you have great relative that left an impression on you or encouraged you in certain way or made your life a little bit better than your home life. Just write from your heart the things you remember then you can put them in some form of chronological  order and add pictures as you go along.

So that’s my story, what is yours?


52 Ancestors in 52 weeks: week 35 – unforgetable

We are allowed to skip around if one of the prompts are not to our suiting or if we can’t think what to write about.

When I first started searching out my ancestors, I had just joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They believe or rather we believe that we will meet our love ones and ancestor in the next life. I am really excited about meeting them and know more about them. But I am not ready to do it yet. I have lots to do down here now.

Anyhow my grandmother’s side of the family was really easy to do. I still did a lot of seraching but grandma’s people had been Quakers. They keep good bible records and other record keeping. I had firgued that none of them had ever served in the military. I did find out  later that many did served during the Revolutionary War. Which I was amazed and had to back track through some of my research.

I am the type of person that likes to find new things to do each year and then make Christmas presents. So one year I had learned to get pretty sharp using a computer. I decided to make calendar with deathdates of grandma’s people from January till December. Then at top of page I found photos and lumped them together kind of like a collage at top of page and listed who was on that calendar page.

Meanwhile, one day I started thinking about my mother’s side of the family. Her father was Italian descent and his parents had about 15 children. He was one of the oldest. I didn’t get to meet him as I was just coming into the world in December and the following February he returned to heaven. So I didn’t get to have him around when I was growing up.

But I was very curious about my mom’s family. Her mother’s people were from England. As I started search mom’s side, my aunt contributed to much of what I have. Then they mentioned other people and somehow I  found some of their aunts that i wrote too.

I decided to make calendars for mom’s side and for our immediate family members. I will never forget this either. My mom was so thrilled to see her people in print on that calendar. When she left my house that Christmas that calendar was under her arm tightly. I could see she appreciated and love it. I have never forgotten that moment. My mom is 94 and doesn’t know us anymore, but I still love her and thankful she was my mother. When she dies, I know she will be with her family up in heaven.

Make some time to do things for you family. It’s the little things that count. It’s your memories that no one can take from you. Don’t forgot to ask them question now while they still can and can remember things. It is something you can share with your grandchildren.

So that my story, what about you?

Just a moment


I had two cars behind me, but I didn’t here a peep out of them so I enjoyed watching them cross the road…

52ancesters in 52 weeks, Week 32:small

Week 32 – small: it could be Small house, tiny person, a small detail that helped unravel a mystery? What can I come up with –

It was my grandma’s 50th Class reunion for teaching at Sharon Hill High School in Sharon HIll, Pennsylvania. Her students loved her. She asked her housekeeper to go with her, but she declined.. She asked her son and he didn’t want to be responsible for her.  I heard about it and said, I”lll take you grandma. We flew to  Lancaster, Pennsylvania in medium small airplane. It was the type that there were two seats on each side of the row and not room for much in front of you or on your lap. One could really feel the turbulence. We had a rented car waiting for us.

Grandma had cousin Kitty in Lancaster, they have entertained us before. She went to high school with her. She had passed already, but her son and his wife now lived in the homestead on States Street.

We had few days before the High School Reunion was to meet., We made plans to visit some of the cemeteries in the area where Grandma people were buried.

Grandma’s great grandfather was John Falck, a Tailor in city of Lancaster. He had been married first to  Martha E. Aikin and they had my grandma’s dad. Martha died a day after giving birth to her third child , which was grandma’s father.

John, the Tailor second wife was to be Mary Schumacher and she and John had three more children together – two girls and son. One of these girls was Catherine (Cousin Kitty) Falck and she would end up going to girls school with my grandmother but they were cousin. They shared great grandfather. This is how the Lancaster Cousins fit in with our family or how we are connected.

My grandmother Ella Falck, taught high school in Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania for nineteen years.  She taught math and was councillor and chaperone for many of the senior class trips. Sharon Hill is in Delaware county, so we drove over there as we had rented a car and I was doing the driving as grandma was slowing up a bit. I think she was 94, but I am not sure. But I hope to be as spry as she was at that age.

We had fun together. She was just so loved by so many of her students that came up and kidded her and she was smart as whip. I had fun watching the events and observing my grandma. She had good repore, they loved her and remenisse of days gone by. There was a lot of laughing too. Probably stories that I didn’t know about, but that was ok with me. It was her world.

We went back to Lancaster to visit. One of the places they took us to was the Market Place, this is where some of our ancestors brought their wares and sold them. If you ever go to Lancaster, Pennsylania, you must try two items. One is scrabble and the other is Lebanon Bologna. It’s not what it sounds like it is a German sausage that looks like bologna but the taste more of sausage that they have smoked.

The Lancaster Amish and Mennonites are very good cooks. I believe Cousin Barb whom we were staying with was raised as Mennonite,boy she is fantastic cook. One of her dreams was to open a bed and breakfast where she could serve her delightful menus. They are delicious.

We have had many of her wonderful meals. She showed me how to carmelize butter and then you add drained cooked noodles to this mixture and when you take your first bite, the taste is out of this world.  It was scrumptrish. I now can make this same carmelized butter and make it into icing. While we there that year she showed me her Mennonite Recipe book contribution from Mennonites cooks from all over the United Staes. So she got me a copy.  I still have it and refer to this often.  It ‘s fun to get recipe books from ancestor or places you have relatives or a connection too.

Cousin Barb took us to several cemeteries. The first cemetery was in Cresswell, This is where I  found my 3rd great grandmother’s final resting place and her husband was along side of her. She had died first. Then he remarried and had another son named Henry Falck. They had originally came from Wuerttenberg Germany to Lancaster in 1780’s. I found out that some of my ancestors married into the Mennonite Faith. Then it turned out that a book I was going to order thru interlibrary loan, that the library I was employed at, seem to have copy of this book in the Local History room that was in house use only. I later found out that Henry Falck lived in Henry County, Indinia. I thought it was strange at the time was because I was working in Henry County, Illinois. I have never forgotten that.

The one thing I noticed on one of the graves, there was a fresh flower on the grave. I knew then that there must be sibling was tending the grave. I made a note in my genealogy notebook, so I could look into this later date.

We also went downtown to Lancaster City. There is old cemetery and John Falck the Tailor was buried between his two wives.

My grandmother died in 1994, she was 96 years old. I was so thankful that I was able to get off work and spend time with her and take her to her last class reunion where she had taught for 19 years of her life. Her husband had desserted her early in her marriage, but she made the best of it. She had positive outlook and upbeat personality. I never saw her sad. I think she was well loved. I am thankful  that I was able to fill her wishes. She did a lot of nice things for me when I was going to college. So this may seem like small thing but it was blessing for both us.