Are you prepared?

What do I mean by being prepared? I often think about this with the upcoming months ahead. September was National Preparedness Month. With that thought in mind, there are several ways we can get prepared. Do you have car kit ready for the upcoming cold months?

 Or do you have 72 hour kit ready to go if you had to evacuate your home?  Have you winterize your home? There are many ways to get ready or be ready and prepared if something happened to you.

Let start with a car kit. This might include a roll of toilet paper in plastic bag with tie on it; carry some loose change in a prescription bottle you can put couple dollars of quarters in there; duct tape, candle with matches or lighter, extra winter gloves, extra pair of underwear, change of clothes, eye glass repair kit, first aid kit, Tylenol or something similar; tweezers, scissors, razor blade, jumper cables, blanket, to name a few items. Hope this will get you thinking and if you have any questions or comments would love to hear from you…


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