Who am I?

Writing about who I am is very hard. I have many facets to my life.  Who are you I may ask? I remember back in 7th grade we were in group and the teacher had us go around the room and ask what do you want to do with your life. I had no idea at that time. Then he made a profound remark which I can’t remember but even thou I can’t remember the words have  stilled left a mark on me.

I grew up on East coast, they do things differently then what they do out in the west or rather central United States. But we moved when I was 9, and we moved when 13, 14, then we lived in Indiana and my parents had an argument and the TV was not hooked up. So we didn’t not have TV from middle of 8th grade till 10th grade. What did I miss in those years?

I don’t know how I got up to the age I am now. Life seems to be going pretty fast sometimes and other times it goes really slow. I wonder what my life would have been like if I could have continued to live in the East? I think I would have met more of my relatives and spent more time with them. Now I seem to find more friends to live it up with. I don’t really live it up, I am pretty quiet and would rather go out to eat or sit around and help someone with something such as painting a room or mowing a yard, or sewing curtains for someone that can’t sew. I guess just using my talents to help and bless others. Well who are you? Are you living your life the way you want to?




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