Process of Business Name

I had a really neat blog header but the blogging part was black background and I hated writing everything in white lettering, Now I am writting in black lettering and I lost my avatar. But the new design is airy and it is cool to write on it. So be it !

I am called the Prairie Pine Peddler because originally, I wanted something like the Edge of the Woods but that was taken, then I love pine trees. Then one day I thought about how I like Prairie Style Homes and wanted something to go along with Pine, so Prairie Pine but it still didn’t sound right and so as I was pondering, I had this inspiration thought come to me ~Peddler  thus I became  the Prairie Pine Peddler.

 The reason why I wanted something like this was if I grew tired of making and selling jewelry I could add other things to my business. Where as if I had the name jewelry design I would be stuck with that, but with Prairie Pine Peddler I can add more items and still sell them under one name. I think it is important to keep the 3P’s as well.

My business card consist of many facets such as I can frame and mat pictures; I enjoy putting together creative programs for various groups in the community; researching family history; and designing jewelry. It is fun to be creative in different media!

About three years ago I was put in charge of organizing an Art Show for the library that I work at. The purpose the first year was because the library was celebrating it 135th Anniversary and they had desire to do some interesting programing to help draw in a crowd and show off their newly renovated building as well.  Since I am in the information service area I meet a lot of artist and thought they needed a place to display their work. So I suggested an Art Show and then I was asked to be put in charge of it and that is how this came about. I have really enjoyed doing this. I usually get jurors from outside of the area to assist with the judging so there isn’t any partiality problems. I have met some really neat people. I always have an opening night where the winners are announced and serve punch and cookies or punch and something nutritional. It has been a very exciting and fun opportunities. 

Last year during the Art Show, a group needed a program speacker, so we arranged to have them come in and have their meeting in the community room where the art show was hung, they had their short business meeting and then they turned the time over to me. I had an opening attention getter and then went on to explain about photography lighting an how the show was set up and why. I had some handouts for them. We walked around the art show pointing out the different artist and why they did what they did. I had checked most the painting or drawings in myself so I had everything memorized and was able to go from picture to picture explaining things to them. It was well attended.  . That is one of the neatest things that I get to do and I love doing it. There are some awesome artist! Did you know there is process to hanging pictures for an art show ? There is … What neat things do you like to do? or have done?


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