Are we in space?

I read that when you post on word press that you are to ask questions. What can someone tell me about gravatar? It seems when someone comments on my word press. Never a comment but just a “LIKE” it sends me to this place called Gravatar. Is this a new planet?

Sometime I feel I am the only one on wordpress. It is hard to conceive that when one places post that someone may actually read it. Seems amazing. The world can be so huge and other times can be so small that we are all in the same neighborhood. I see that some people use their blog as placing creative items up or others use it to promote their business or they have something to say.

I was on twitter but grew tired of people posting the same thing about visiting their website to purchase jewelry from. I felt like they were calling out and soon one grows tired of all that. So then I started putting up my favorite quotes or quotes I came across.

Have you tried pinterest yet? I like it as it has given me gift ideas and ideas on how to make things. For instance I found a recipe on how to make homemade bird feeders out of wild birdseed and unflavored gelatin.It is amazing what one can find on this site. Is anyone watching what we are pinning?




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