Are you Prepared Part 2

Are you prepared?  Were you prepared when Hurricane Sandy arrived where you lived?  It is important to take time to read up on this important subject. You can go to your local library webpages and type in keywords such as emergency preparedness or go to http://www. Google and search for the same key words and look for web pages that pertain to your particular situation.

So the important thing to remember it takes the government or anyone to get to you about 72 hours. That means it could take up to 3 days or longer to reach you. Why might it take them that look to get to you? Well are their trees that need to be removed? Plans have to be made and then worked out so this can take time. How does this affect you? It means you should put together a 72 hour kit. This kit is something that you may need to  carry if you had to leave your home. Where is it best to store?  Near the front door if you had to leave suddenly without notice or somewhere else?

I wrote and won a Grant in 2008 for our library on being prepared. I named my Grant “Be Smart, Be Ready”. I used a bumble bee to get across my points. I made up matchbooks with sewing kits in them and handed them out to the participants that attended this program. I learned a lot from the Red Cross. They had an excellent DVD on how to get your family ready for any situation. Particularly a 72 hour kit. I hope to cover this in the next few discussions on this site. I think this is an important topic to cover. None of us are exempt from natural disasters. If you live on the coast lines one is susceptible to hurricanes or  Tsunami. Or if you live in California you might experience mud slices. Or if you live in the central states one might live on the fault line and experience an earthquake someday or occasional. So what form of disaster might you experience? 

Adios amigos until next time….




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