Is 2013 an unlucky year?

Will we have trouble this whole year?  Congress can’t agree on things. The President isn’t paying attention to the things that affect us as consumers.

So if the milk prices double that could affect cheese and chocolate and anything that is made with milk. For instance what about the milk shakes at McDonald’s, or the cream you put in your coffee or Latte’?

So who will benefit from these high milk prices, the middle man, the farmer or the government?

What about health care? I was told at a recent staff meeting that when I turned 65 thank you very much that company I am with presently will no longer carry me on their insurance plan but that I will have to turn to Medicare for my insurance. Nothing like a kick in the butt after being with them for 20 years.

What other changes are going to effect us in 2013?

Will the government being telling us how to live, breathe and take a bath or what?

How can we stand up and be heard???

In the day of Moses, all the people had to do was look at the staff, but how many of them would not look?  Are we like this today; are we ignoring the signs around us?


3 thoughts on “Is 2013 an unlucky year?

      • You’re welcome~ yes have faith cause everything happens for a reason…learn its reason and even if it is something bad, it might eventually lead to something better…who knows?

        Have a great Sunday ahead and cheers!! 😀

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