Snowman Silk Flower Arrangement

Checkered 3This checkered snowman mug is 3 dimensional. His nose sticks out from the mug as does the handle on the side. This is one of a kind mug.
The bottom of the mug is a red and white checkered scarf, his hat reminds you of the country granite ware coffee pots that are speckled blue and white. I fell in love with him when I found him. The bottom the cup states it was created by Hallmark. I thought a small flora arrangement would really set off this snowman. While I was working on him, I felt like the putting hair on this snowman and then dressing the top of his head.

I used red silk flowers along with the pine sprigs to create this one of kind snowman flora arrangement. I like using a small bird perched on top on top the pine cone. I like to think that is my signature. The pine sprigs look real to me.

I love this time of year and I love snowmen. I hope you find him as cute as I do and would want to have him as part of your collection of snowmen.

The mug itself stands 5 inches tall but with the arrangement it is 11 inches tall. The overall width of the mug is including the handle that sticks out is 6.5 inches if he was expected to sit on a shelf.

This was handcrafted by Mary O at Prairie Pine Peddler

This will be carefully wrapped and sent in box. Email me for shipping cost.


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