Happy New Year

I was trying to decide what to write here today. I have folder that gives suggestion on what to write on a blog but none of those appealed to me today.

So I think I will cover some things that I am thankful for.

  • The first thing is I am thankful that Facebook has game called Words with Friends. This reminds me of scrabble. But what I like about it is that my daughter lives in one state and I live in another state and we can play this came together.
  • I am thankful that I have job in these trying times.
  • I am also thankful for my knowledge I have about computers and I am not afraid to learn things such as blogging. I hope to get better at this and visiting other people’s blogs as well.
  • I am also thankful for all talents that I have been given.
  • I think the amazing things that I think about is how all my interest can be used interchangeable. Let me elaborate on this… I worked at frame shop and learned to cut mats, glass ,etc..  But I gained a lot of knowledge from this experience. One of the things i like to do is use my mat boards as background to set up my newly created  jewelry for my blog.
  • I know how to use publisher and was able to make my own jewelry cards, and business cards and any signs I need. I have helped my friends with their cards too.

carol n meI am looking forward to new and exciting year. I want to try some new techniques in making jewelry. I always look for new things to try and if I can get the hang of it, I usually end up making them my Christmas presents for that year. But I do have some new projects brewing so looking forward to working and experimenting.

So I hope you have Happy New Year and take time to learn something you have had on the back burner. Go for it…

Mary O. at Prairie Pine Peddler (yeah that’s me and my friend Carol)


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