How has social media improved your life or business?

I typed into the Google search engine popular topics on wordpress well it was cranking but nothing ever came up.

Then I decided to be more specific and asked “ popular blog topics”  Bingo,  I got more then I expected. Its  all in how you type the KEYWORDS!!!

So I came across a site called Mashable?  Have you visited this site , if so why do you use it?

Then I came across a topic on” Commit to going paperless in 2013″   Do you think you could stop using the printer?

My take on this is the business are not printing anymore but passing the buck onto us. For instance, Bank statements used to be mailed and now when you are doing your online banking you get to print out your own statement at your cost and not the banks. Are you ready for this concept?

Do you or does your business gain anything from being on Twitter? If so would you please make your comments. I would love to talk to someone about this.

So if you catch this conversation, why do you like wordpress?  or what other blogger do you like to use and why?





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