Modern Technology

10 Jan 2013

Eye surgery has come along way baby. I can’t believe the technology they use on eyes these days. Recently someone in our family was diagnosed with hole in the retina. The eye doctor said 10 years ago they would not have been able to do anything for you. But today they can go in and place a gas bubble in there while the eye heals. The head has to be kept in reading position for about a week or depending on each case. Sometimes floater can cause the hole in the retina to appear.  Either way the eye will heal itself. Then the  person can resume their normal activities. Sometimes after this surgery cataracts may appear and then you can have cataract surgery.

While this person was being preped for surgery, I thought to myself should have brought my camera, but then this person said to me, use your phone. I am not use to using my phone for such things. But it was perfect match, after I  took the picture it asked me what I wanted to do with it 1) view 2) save 3) send. Of course I chose the latter to send off pictures to the family members not able to be with them in person.  So again modern technology at work.  Hopefully after this surgery they will be able to see better. I did not go into the gory details of what they really do when they go in to fix the eyeball here. But just a general overview, didn’t want to make anyone sick to their stomach.

So there you have in nutshell modern technology at work.


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