What will you do for Love?

What will you do for love? Would you Snicker, Krack up, or be a musketeer or just a patty? Really on Valentines Day (not)

Here is a  Skinny Valentine Vase filled with Milk Chocolate.  How did they do that?  I put a center tube down the middle so it could house the flowers and candies on sticks. Then I poured in the M and Ms in Valentine colors – Red, White and Pink. It really lets the design show up better. It is very attractive. I had seen something similar to this on Pinterest. I had to think out of the box to pull this off. The one on Pinterst outside vase measured at least a good 10 inches and so they had room to play with. Where as I didn’t.  So after much thought this idea popped into my head and Iwas able to come up with a design so that I could pull off the same effect except with a smaller area. WOW, I did it. I guess I need to pat myself on the back! Ha Ha. Just talking out loud to myself.

You see I had a coworker last week surprise me with assorted package of Sugar Free Candy. She wanted to bless me because of my new indever of creating candy and flower bouquets. It really meant a lot to me that someone noticed and surprised me with some chocolates to use in my arrangements.   So she doesn’t know it but I used Cinnamon Red Heart Candies and created a skinny Valentine Vase for her. She loves Lady Bugs and I found a vase that has red hearts and lady bugs on it for Valentines Day.  I am making one for her as a thank you and using the sugar free candy on hers too. I put the candy on three different length sticks along with rose bud which is made of  Hersey Chocolate Kisses and kept it simple.  I think if will be a nice surprise.

The photo below shows an attractive Red Rose Silk Flower surrounded by several candy bars: Trix candybar, a Snickers, a Musketeer and a miniature Krackel bar. 

This vase has the Lady Bugs and Hearts on them, but I do have another skinny Vase that has the word L O V E  written in different font styles around the glass vase. This is not your traditional bouquet, so why not surprise someone with this Valentine Candy and Flower Bouquet.

There are only 5 days left. This was designed by Mary O. at the Prairie Pine Peddler. The cost for this is $15. Shipping is additional. DSCN1271

Thanks for looking! Mary O.


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