Our Eyes Met

Have you had that feeling someone was looking at you from across the room? And when you looked up you met their eyes?

I work at a library and I was upstairs looking for a certain music cd for a request. The place I had to go to there had been a chair pulled out from the table and I had to push this back in. The sun was shining on this spot and hitting the table and I could feel the warmth of the sun as well and noticed the wood was glowing from where the sun hit the table top. I wondered to myself if someone had been sitting there and if they were coming back or not? So I pushed the chair in to get by and looked for the item I initially came up for. After finding it, I was still wondering to myself if someone had occupied that chair. As I looked up there were pair of eyes viewing me. I had not seen him in the library before and thought to myself he must be just passing through.

Then I continued to move around the first floor to find the other two items on my list. As I was approaching the fiction stacks, this same person that met my eyes crossed my path, I naturally asked if there was something he was looking for? He replied that he wanted to find some books on his own and was wondering if we had card catalog? I told him we did, but it was online and that he could access it on this computer. We walked over together and I showed him how to look up the items he was looking for. Many people don’t seem to want to take the next step to find out if the book is on the shelf or not.

As I was thinking about this, I thought this would make a great post, I am trying to find creative ways to post on word press and market my business too.

Can I tell you one more thing that happened to me today?
I was in a pretty ugly mood today, I was really down on myself and talking negatively to myself and man no body would have wanted to be with me this morning. I have half an hour drive to work and today I wasn’t even a good friend to myself. Do you ever have days like that?

Well I stayed pretty quiet at work today didn’t talk much just tried to accomplish what was expected of me. The weather was a little nicer today so not many patrons coming in either. Sometime in the afternoon I finally noticed a few people had come in and I wasn’t thinking about my situation so much… finally.

Is there a saying when you do something nice for someone you feel better. Well I had two Valentine vases left over. The one I shared with a coworker at the desk tonight and the second one I decided to bless someone that comes into the library but I wasn’t sure who that was going to be. I finally knew who I was suppose to give it too. I walked into our computer lab with the flowers behind me and presented them to lady. She was floored and happy all at the same. I was happy that she was happy. So that ends my tale for tonight.


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