Last Valentine Candy Flower Bouquet Custom made for 2013

20130213_123223 I have great friends. I had friend that likes to pull my strings and to have to work for it as well. She wanted to give her boyfriend a Valentine Bouquet but she didn’t want the usual red or pink container. So after taking poll, I boiled it down to either brown or blue container. Decided to go with brown as it matches the Hershey Milk Chocolate Candy Bar. I used a container that had silver rims at the top and bottom. Thus I covered the container with brown card stock. I happened to have this ribbon that was red with gold hearts on it but didn’t like the width so cut down it to make it thinner.

The Contents of this candy bouquet: Chucky Regular Size Candy Bar, Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Fudge Wafer,   Snickers, Cow Tail, M & M peanuts, Sugar Free Hershey and Russell Stover Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cup, Miniature Hershey Almond Nugget, Miniature Milkyway, Milkyway Midnight, and miniature musketeer bar; Dove  Dark Chocolate ,  Charm suckers, York Mint Patty, cherry red heart shaped lollipop,.

It was accented with a red carnation silk flower , some red tulle and a handmade paper flower designed by Mary @ Prairie Pine Peddler.

It was well loved when it was received by the person giving this present to their love one.

I’d like to thank my friend for this opportunity to think out of the box and design this one of kind valentine bouquet for her.


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