About Food Serving Portions


Have you noticed lately when you go to purchase candy that they will tell you the Serving Size is 8 pieces and then they put down per Serving Per Container about 6? So you’re standing in the store trying to decide how much you are getting for your dollar. So 8 x 6 = 48. But they have thrown in the word ABOUT 6. That gives you an entirely different implication about this product.

When I am working on bouquets I like to know what I am spending. I recently purchased some Hershey Chocolate Foiled Wrapped Easter Eggs. I looked at the packaged and noted there were 48, but after counting them I actually had 53 in my package. My price went down of course but at the store the packages are not giving the true amounts. How can one figure if you need a certain amount of candy to fill a basket or if you are reselling candy and you need to know how to charge for each one, well it doesn’t help out. Or what if you need them for treats at school and you have 24 kids and it saids 48, what if they only give you 47 what is up with that? I know they don’t give treats at school anymore. But if they did how would you feel ABOUT it?

I guess they are covering themselves since prices fluctuate, but it certainly doesn’t help the consumer to figure out by just looking at the product how much each item is going to cost. The word about is something else.

Well, this is just my two cents, as I have been noticing this more and more on packaging.

Mary at Prairie Pine Peddler


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