Inventory and Floral Arrangements

This week I decided to take an inventory of all my jewelry supplies. I love doing this as I find new things that I had forgotten I had purchased. I have been making jewelry since 2009. I can’t believe I have been creating jewelry pieces for that long and now I am going in to my 5th year. Wow time is flying.

At the end of last year I started making floral arrangements along with selling my jewelry. It has been amazing as this has taken off more than I had imagined. It is funny how I got started in this. I had some tea cups and saucers from my pine cone dinner set. They were just taking up space in the cupboard so I decided it was time to give them a new home. I put them on yard sale and they sat there all summer long. I even reduced the price but no one seemed to want them. Then I decided I was going to take them to the Goodwill Industries. Well right after that but before I got them there I had this inspiration to make some arrangement in them. I wasn’t sure how I was going to go about doing that?. Then I met someone that had done some flower arrangements and would show me how. My new friend did beautiful work. Her creations were gorgeous. So we met after work in the evenings. I was a little hestitate in the beginning, but with the help of this new friend and finding a book at the libary and practicing I am now getting the hang of it.

I have been around flowers all my life. My father had been in the insurance business and at some period in his life he switched over to working in a greenhouses growing flowers. He became partners with a Mr. Ferris who ran a flower shop and dad ran the greenhouse. Then one night the phone rang and dad’s greenhouse was up in flames, something to do with the furnace. Dad tried to get it up and running again but it just took too much money. So we started moving around the country as dad worked for different greenhouses. It was ruff moving.

But my dad always had beautiful flowers in his garden, every year he would ask us what we wanted and we got to help keep the weeds out during the summer time. I even made a job out of this in high school and weeded gardens for a fee. Dad was generous with his flowers too he was always digging out cuttings and sharing them with his neighbors or friends.
So you see why I have always been drawn to flowers. But didn’t develop my talent until now. I guess you could say it was dormant for a little while. So now I am enjoying working with flowers and arrangements.

A friend shared with me how she approaches her business, she carries a photo album in her purse and then she can show off her wares. I too have started doing this as well and I can carry my business cards and this has helped me to be more organized and polished.

I still do jewelry but I guess I am taking a leave of absence right now and trying to get my niche in flower arranging as I love flowers and spring is coming and the Daffodils will be out and Tulips, Hyacinths, Iris, and I love the wandering Geranium.

till later, Mary at Prairie Pine Peddler


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