Who doesn’t have a Passion for Books ?

Do you have a passion for books? I sure do. When I go on vacation I have two places I usually end up at the local library and  bookstores or second hand bookstores. Working in library is like working in candy store. I have most of the Dewey subjects memorized so that when someone comes to my desk I can either show them right where to find the information or tell them which number to find there selection in.   Sometime it is  faster to show them where it is  than waiting for the computer to come up with the call number.

I felt brain dead this week and could not think of any topics to write about. But a good night sleep must have done the trick.

I did have a great week thou, don’t get me wrong. We had cool temperatures here in central Illinois. I thinking in the morning they were brisk like 24 or 27.  But the sun was shining for about 3 days. It was great. I tried to get out on my lunch hours to bask in the sun rays.

I have also been in the midst of getting ready for the libraries 4th Annual Art Show. You see I am the Art Coordinator. I try to be organized. This coming week artist will be bringing in their submissions so I will be busy with that. I really enjoy this part. I get to talk with the artist, view the art before the general public and jurors. One of my favorite things to do is to hang the pictures for the show.  I seem to have knack for that. Just kind of comes naturally for me. Opening night is Monday, April 8th, 2013 at 6p at Kewanee Public Library District, Kewanee, Illinois.

Back to the books, I was looking for a certain book title to purchase .  I have found my best buys for books are online. I wanted to share this with you and I think it is always nice to hear recommendations for certain sites.  The two places I use all the time is

  1.   http://www.abebooks.com/
  2.  http://www.half.ebay.com/

Abebooks stands for American Book Exchange Books: this is where sellers list their books (with an  image when available) and their prices. They also list the condition of the book and where the seller is located.

The other bookstore on line is half.com. This again is used book sellers selling books online. If you order more than one item from them they will normally reduce your postage too.  It’s nice when you can  do comparison buying at these two places.

If you go to bookstore and find a really neat book but the price is to high for your pocketbook, then you can copy the ISBN number which is behind the title page. The ISBN  stands for International Standard Book Number. This started after 1960. If the book comes in hardback or soft cover they will each have their own number. It usually starts with 978…. It is so much easier to find a book that way. Most people come to my desk looking for books they have seen at the bookstore so they can just borrow them instead of purchasing them. But every once in while you know you are gonna want a book that you just can’t live without. Or you may want to use it as reference for your business or if you;re crafting or as gift for someone.

So try it the next time your at Barnes & Noble check out the ISBN  and take it to your local library where you can order books through inter library loan or if your library is online you can  order books that way too.(Sometimes you will need a password from the library before you get started)

Oh, one other thing this does work better if the book is not spankin new.  It works better on books that are little bit older. Like today I ordered a  how to book that had been published originally in Canada in 2008. It had originally cost 19.85. Today I got it for $1 plus 2.95 shipping. What a deal. When I can’t get a book for my patron through interlibrary loan I will look it up at these two place and pass this information on to them. I try to go the extra mile for my customers. And if you’re already familiar with this share it with a friend.

ttyl Mary O @ Prairie Pine Peddler


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