Marketing Yourself


Are you the type of person that likes to figure things out for yourself? There was many a Christmas that I would put something together for my daughter and just look at the picture and start using the screwdriver. It’s a famaliar story we have all been there at some point. But blogging isn’t that easy nor is marketing. That is new ball game for many of us. I don’t want to just jump onto any band wagon for this. For instance, if you were trying to figure out how to blog would you go to the internet or would you visit a book store to see if there were any type of material there to help you? I actually had someone come to the library where I work and teach a one hour class on how to sign up and post on a blog. They didn’t go into all the different aspects but they gave you taste of it. That is how I got started.

Beings I am somewhat of a researcher, I just stared doing some research on the web to see what others are saying how to market yourself. Here is one person ideas that worked for them: or you have heard that its’ all in the timing well here is webpage on that too and there are plenty others out there that will give you their two cents 🙂

After figuring out what keywords will work for you -or sometimes after reading other people’s blogs I will find a different keyword to use in the search engine. It’s just a process. Just keep working at it. For instance, I was able to find a book called “Web Marketing for Small Businesses” just by using a keyword search

I recently commented on someone’s blog and then was able to email some questions. I was not able to explain everything that I wanted to do, but I really appreciated speaking to a human.

But after that, then I decided to investigate some items on WordPress called the widgets and after dinking around a little bit I finally was able to move things around on my blog. I felt quite proud of myself. I am not stupid after all. Just took some doing to understand what I did. Then later in the day I was thinking about some of the things I had changed and decided I should take that part out. So I did and then I felt better. Kind of felt like I was thinking through what I had done and decided I didn’t need to show everything if you know what I mean?

Seems to me life is like a puzzle and we are all trying to figure out how to find the pieces that will fit together. So I have been running a jewelry business for the past 4 years along with doing some picture framing. I’ve been inspired to start making custom candy and flowering bouquets.

Now I am have been reading and thinking more about how to have more visitors to my sight. Most of my clients are not into the computer nor out on the web as much as I am. I use the internet an awful lot for work and researching. I have been trying to figure out how to market myself better. I have been wondering and observing how others market themselves as well.

Since I work at a library, I have been reading books on marketing and how to craft a business. Recently, I picked up a book and finally one part in it made sense and the light went on. So now I see and understand why one needs to have a focus and marketable plan or business plan if you want to make anything of yourself or have an actual income. I might be a late bloomer but I finally got it. So all I can say is I have work to do. But I don’t know everything so don’t get me wrong I am still at the learning stage.

ttyl Mary O @ Prairie Pine Peddler


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