Great Mother’s Day Gift for the Gardener

single flower15

Do you need a last-minute gift? I got it… This Great Mother’s Day Gift is for the gardener in your life consisting of 2 garden tools: a trowel and hand cultivator/spade combination sitting in stoneware pot, 2 packages of flowers or herb seeds, pair of gardening gloves, and a $10 off coupon for a facial(regularly $45) at the “7 Sisters” in Kewanee, Illinois to revitalize your mom, a friend, or a neighbor. She will feel reinvigorated and refreshed after a facial massage.*

I have two styles available, the one above is a single flower bouquet and the cost for this  Mother’s Day Gift is $14.99


My Deluxe Flower Bouquet has more flowers and cost $21.95

Shipping would be additional. If you are wanting to purchase one, please email me: pinepeddler at gmail dot com or if you are local you can email me and I will give you my phone number to discuss the details. These both  will come  wrapped  in cellophane  and tied with a ribbon. (not shown)

I have more gift bouquets on this blog that can be see at this link:

This $10 off coupon is from “7 Sisters” of Kewanee, Illinois located at 549 Tenney Street, Suite 2, Kewanee, IL 61443 • By Appointment Only 309.883.1815

*Please note that each bouquet is unique, one of a kind, and the ordered item may not be exactly like the one pictured.

Here is an interviewed from someone who just visited “7 Sisters” and have posted her remarks below:

“Annie Eastman will schedule a facial to suit anyone’s schedule; even after so-called regular business hours, or weekends if it fits in with her busy life.

When you enter, after filling out a “fact sheet” about yourself (first-timers), you disrobe to the waist (leaving bra on) and she gives you a wrap to wear so your shoulders are bared. She also puts a band in your hair to pull it off your face.

When I was receiving the facial, I felt like I was the only person that mattered. The conversation with Annie was marvelous, and even enlightening! The facial itself was relaxing and very calming to my senses-internally and externally.

There were several steps to it, and to be honest I was so mellowed out that I can not recall all of the steps. 🙂

There was one point where she spread a mask on my face and upper chest, as well as a rich lotion on my shoulders,
down my arms and slathered my hands in it. Then she put warm fuzzy mitts on my hands and tucked them in the blanket I was covered in.

She left me there to “bake” for 15 minutes. All the time I was listening to soft Oriental themed music……Ahhhh!
Then reality hit and she was back to remove the mask! BAM!
When she lifted it off, it felt like so much stress (and maybe a bit of aging) was taken away in it!! heehee!
It was sad to see it end. I am going to make it around every 6 weeks if I can.
And yes, I would and have, recommended it to many.” ~ dka


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