Internet Service Interrupted

I haven’t been able to get on the Internet for over a week. I think it was because of the a thundering and lightning storm we had the night before. There was no internet to be had. Boo!

Then we checked with our provider. They were going to come out on Thursday, but then they called to say they had a truck down. The next appointment was broken due to the fact they didn’t have anyone to service us in the area we lived in. Suddenly I felt like we had gone back in time. Finally the designated time came and no one was going to be home. Hubby had to take the day off. They said they would arrive between 8am and noon. The guy arrived at 5 minutes till noon. So now we are back on.

We had to get all new equipment due to the fact that they really could not find out what was wrong with the dish and modem. The serviceman from before had not set the poles correctly in the ground. So there could have been a number of reasons why it quit working. Anyhow we signed up for faster service and we have the internet. Yeah! It was weird not being able to get on and get ideas, or talk to friends etc. But we all coped around here. So that is where I have been.

I am now trying to get ready for Mother’s Day. I had two orders and making up some baskets to take to a shop in Kewanee. I am also planning on sending out an email promotion after I get my pictures taken. So I am busy girl and not a monkey!!!


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