Happy 4th July

Meals on Wheels Donation

Meals on Wheels Donation

Funding lost for Meals on Wheels.

A fund raiser  is being arranged at the Baker’s  Park  Golf Course in Kewanee, Illinois. (2013)

I stopped at the Senior Citizen Resale Shop over month ago for another reason. In the course of the conversation, they asked if I would make something for their auction.

So this is how this 4th July Celebration Bouquet came about.  It was a lot of fun to make.

This is paper mache box and the red and white stripe is the lid. the stars is the main base of the box.

The flowers are silk carnation in red, white and, blue all the way around.. Standing up in the middle is of the bouquet is red, white, blue stripe  pin wheel.

The contents consist of  Nestle Crunch, Babe Ruths, Red,White and Blue tootsie rolls. It is accented with paper flags, cupcake 4th of July toppers.

This is adorable bouquet. This is sure to be the prize centerpiece that people will ooh and ah over..

The cost of this is $35 dollars. Shipping would be additional Thanks for looking.

Interested parties can email me.


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