Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear sing a song

So I was thinking about this Teddy Bear Bouquet I put together. Trying to look at this from different angles. Firsts, I thought about the history of bears and here is one website you ??????????might find interesting http://www.purr-fectgifts.com/history/teddy_bear.htm

Then when I got back from grocery shopping this saying popped into my brain “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, I was thinking where did I hear that, then I remembered it was something I use to jump rope too. Something about touch the ground. So that led me to the internet to look up the rest of this rhyme. Then the slide whistle seems to be rare and came out in 1954.

Thought it was pretty neat site.

So I am back to describing my Ganz Teddy Bear in bucket with handle. The bucket has a cute array of teddy’s watching all the way around it. Then I filled it up with filler. This bears name is Melissa at least that is what her tag states. Of course you could give her a nick name.

This Ganz Bear still has her tags on when she was created. She is number H7997.  She has personality with her fuzzy hair.  She is  resting with her musical instruments waiting for someone to come and play with her.  There are two maracas, one tambourine and one mighty cute slide whistle (Vintage Cat/Bird about 1954). http://www.all-pop.com/kids_pages/KD0029_catcanarywhistle.htm

This is recommended for 5 years old and older. I only have one of these. This would be great gift for grandchild. Because this container has a lid and a handle . That  would make a great way to carry all your items  to visit grandmother’s house. She got an eye on you.

The cost for this is $15.00. Shipping is additional.  This was designed by Mary O. at Prairie Pine Peddler.

Don’t let this get away. Great Gift and Reasonable Priced.

I can be reached at pinepeddler@gmail.com

Thanks for looking!


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