Car Photography


Ok, last night I was driving home from work. I was looking for my camera in the morning and couldn’t find it. But then I found it in the glove box on the way home from work.   I was kind of bored,  I decided to take some moving pictures just for the fun of it while driving with one hand. (I could actually tell my mom – look mom no hands) I tried taking picture behind me in the rear window but it didn’t turn out like I wanted to..


My next picture,  I was looking out the passenger door.You’ll notice I am parallel to a train track. Have you guessed what kind of vehicle I am in yet? I like watching that Car Chase TV Show. I love looking at old cars. If you haven’t been there yet. You should visit the Volo Auto Museum. They have something for everyone. Military vehicles to Classic and Muscle Cars. Do a google search, like them on facebook and you can get $2 off your ticket for the whole family. There are also antique malls that have everything you could image or had as child and will bring back memories of  your childhood and your  parents childhood. Great place to take grandchildren. Don’t carry a heavy purse with you that day. Just wear fanny pack and enjoy the walk around the various displays they have.

This view is from the drivers side.                                                                                                   So the sun is in the west, so you know I am heading east!


I have about 30 to 40 minute ride home. Sometimes in the morning I get behind a farmer that isn’t in hurry. Other times I will meet farm equipment almost wider that the road. So allowing extra time is good. Right now I am riding with my windows down as my air conditioner doesn’t work. I see other people post things about their travels. Mine is about places I have been but I do travel this road everyday.


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