Garden Chores

Today, Thursday,  27 June 2013

Today I got up early to burn the trash out back. Then as I was returning to the house I noticed that the blackberries were needing to be picked.  . It seems strange the first ones that are ripe are at the tip. So went inside to get a bowl and pick some of them. Had to be careful not to taste any. Black Berry Bush

Going for test today and they are having me fast. I was almost tempted but decided against it.
back side of black berry patch and need stuff on the log

Then I had purchased some flowers at 75% off and they were still sitting by the steps where I left them. So decided it was time to tackle them as well. I had grand time potting them, I sat on the stoop and repotted my flowers.


While I was sitting there , the little wren was screeching at me. I was sitting under her home.

gourd wren house

Then I turned pots upside down and brought in some bricks to set the plants on. When I went to the basement there was wrought iron flower stand decided it needed a place outside to add to my little potted flower garden. repotting plants

Well it time for me take off. Hope this inspires someone to be creative and have fun in your garden. I think it was very relaxing this morning to be outside with the birds singing and enjoying nature. We don’t really need to go to the park, our home is out in the country and we are surrounded by pines and maples. Birds are happy here! Our jpine trees and yard


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