A Tribute

This a tribute to a friend that died without any acknowledgement. I was driving to work on Friday, August 30, 2013, The local radio station mentioned that a Brenda  Robinson had passed away and her family would celebrate her life on Sunday, Sept 1st at the American Legion.

I kept thinking about this name all day, was this the Brenda Robinson I new? I was trying to search in the newspapers for an obituary but nothing came up. Then later on in the afternoon someone came in and I just suddenly asked her if she knew Brenda, she said yes. She had run into at Aldi. I said yes I often ran into her a various places around town too. So we established that we were talking about the same lady.

She had just seen her not long ago, she was as in shock as I was. We exchanged phone numbers so if any of us heard anything we would share with one another.  She also gave me some other people to try. I called around and left a message asking if they could tell me anymore about my friend.

I tried to see if she had ever been on Facebook, but could not find her. I know she didn’t always have computer at home. So I wasn’t sure she would be on there. That was dead end.

I mentioned this to my boss, seems she went to school with her in Toulon, Stark County, Illinois. That was new piece of information.  Then I knew she had a son maybe two. Then I found out her daughter had been in car accident a year before. So now I know she had three children. She had told me about her early child life. I also knew she worked at Central Jr. High as librarian few years back, until she had some health issues that got in the way and she was let go. One thing I remembered she loved those kids, and I am sure she left a wonderful mark on some of those children as she had not had a good childhood herself. But she seemed to rise above that.

Then a friend google her and found a funeral home in Creve Couer that had handled it. She had been cremated. Talked to couple of coworkers, they had remember her as well but felt she had passed away a few weeks back but they were not sure of the date.

I called the American Legion to see what time this was starting. Then my coworker and I met at the  American Legion but it was her kids amongst friends and family. I didn’t stay but long enough to tell her she was great friend  and wanted to know what she died from. She has left 4 children and some grandchildren that are mourning for her. She will be missed by many. Me included. She was a little bit of sunshine in my life. She was a kindred spirit. At least she won’t have to worry about her cares any longer. I know she is up in Heaven  with her mom, as she spoke to me about taking care of her before she died some years ago. She had contracted MRSA in her lungs and could not beat it. She died on August 2, 2013 at 9:43pm. at OSF in Peoria.


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