The Great Pumpkin Not

September October

Ah, I think Fall is one of my favorite times of year. I have memories of my grandmother she always like to go east to visit her friends and classmates in October. The leaves would be in their most beautiful state that you could image along the highway in vast shades of oranges you could image, dark red, yellows., you name the color was just so breathtaking.

This fall arrangement should last three months. September the leaves are just starting to fall off the trees, October you think of halloween, pumpkins, squash, fall crops, and November the earth is slowly going from orange to brown bracing itself against the cold weather coming in December.   There is Japanese Lantern. I just love the thin little but bright color plant that produces such a unique lantern.  More information can be obtained here.

I have also included a dark orange eucalyptus, sunflowers, burnt yellow mums, orange and yellow  daisys and small pumpkins in base of the vase. Just absolutely beautiful. The vase is tall glass cylinder. Designed by Mary @ Prairie Pine Peddler.

The price for this arrangement is $22.. I have included two views. One at the top and one below.

S Fall 5


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