Polymer Clay

polymer Clay bookPolymer Clay has been kind of on the back burner for me. I purchase some Femo a few years back, but was not impressed at all. It was so hard and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. So recently, I have a new coworker and she makes polymer clay jewelry beads. So I have been discussing with her the different aspects of this craft. I asked what kind of clay she uses, as there are several different kinds on the market. Just from memory there are about three of them that are made in Germany. Then there are some that are made in USA. I prefer to support the USA, so many people need jobs over here. Anyhow through conversing with my coworker she suggested I start out with Sculpey iii.  Its’ even package right here in  Illinois. I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby.

The next step was to see how this was going to react. I don’t own a pasta machine presently. I wasn’t sure how hard the clay  was going to be to roll around in my hands. So I took a section off and just kind of held it in my hand to warm it up before I got started. Then when I started kneading it, I could not believe how soft this clay was. So I rolled it into a ball. Then flatten it out I had gathered some items in my house that had textures or designs on them. The reason I did that was I read that you can also use craft rubber stamps to create embossing into the polymer clay. I was really excited about that as I love texture items and couldn’t wait to try it.

Here is good explanation of the types of polymer clay: http://www.jaedworks.com/clayspot/polyclay-faq/mixing.html

When I go to bake this it has to be place on card stock on 275 degree oven. My friend suggested that I use a turkey bag to bake it in the oven. She recently made the remark that after it comes out of the oven,  it rather smells up the house, so she takes her items outside for a bit.

Here are a few of my first impressions that I searched for in my house. I used the end of spool of thread it came out looking like a flower. I have purchased some delicate cookie cutters at the Colony Store in Bishop Hill, IL. It’s in Swedish village. Oh and at work we run receipt printer for the library books we checkout to patrons. The paper is on a plastic roll and has a neat end for stamping into clay as well. And texture buttons would be another source.

Our maintence man at work is amazing. He is the type of guy that is very resourceful and can take things apart and make things you couldn’t image. The one thing that he made that sticks out in my mind is: he took the fan out of an old microwave. Then he took a number 10 can and put the fan in the back end on brackets and then he hung  over his work bench. The things he did for me recently he had taken apart a printer and the roller end had this neat groove in it.
I will be able experiment with this as well.  It’s like being on  a scavenger hunt for newly found objects that you use for your Sculpey projects.

Here is website I came across


and here is neat photo I came across recently:

dorothy and the witch







Probably will not get to work on any of this until after Christmas. The holidays are upon us and I have family coming on both sides. So I will be busy. Till later. Happy Thanksgiving.


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