As you can see I am some what of a night owl….

night owl staying up lateOk, I get my ideas late at night. I guess after I unwind a bit, get dinner for everyone and then get to sit down and create and before I know it, It’s late. I just posted an article about polymer clay projects that I hope to start but probably won’t be until after Christmas.

I am in my fifth year of selling jewelry. This past weekend I did a show at a Catholic School. They have this every year. I choose to be in the gym as baby strollers and such can get around a bit more easier than in the crowded hallways. Plus this is my second year and I was able to obtain the same spot I had last year. To top this off I had great turn out and most of my jewelry was sold this year.

I split the booth with a friend. She makes goat soap. Anyhow, we are suppose to do another show in December. She saids to me are you going to have any jewelry left? I said well looks I will need to start making more jewelry before then. But just wanted to brag a little and just say I had great day and successful day on  Saturday.  I started out making jewelry and still do that. But then I got interested in making candy and flower arrangements. I am on Pinterst at I have board with my creations on it.)  The number one thing that is always being pin is my Father’s Day Bouquet. It was an inspired piece. It is called the #1 Dad. It always exciting to see people pin this. I am thankful someone appreciates this. I recently used this same design and made a Happy Birthday out of this same type of design idea.  Till later,  Mary at Prairie Pine Peddler.



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