Listening Pays Off

downloadI must say when I was growing up, my mother use to tell me that I didn’t listen very well.  But now that I am older and wiser… listening has paid off in some aspects. But in other parts of my life, I have not listen well but was able to find solutions that may not have come if I had listen.

Here is an example. I often help others with their genealogical brick walls. I had a man contact me about 5 years ago looking for his great grandmother. She supposedly had lived in Galva all her life and died there. After looking in varies resources, this lady could not be found. So I didn’t think any more about it.

Then one day this man makes a visit to the library where I work in. He is still looking for this same person. So that day instead of listening to him about how his grandmother lived in certain town, I thought to myself, this town didn’t have hospital, so if she did take ill, she would have to go either to south into the next county or stay in this county and go where a hospital was.

Sure enough she was found in the next city west as to where she grew up. I didn’t listen to this man this time, I kind of went on instinct and so when mother said I didn’t’ listen very well, she was right.  I have found answers from not listening to the bare facts. So if you are going to be a genealogical  detective you will need to look at all the angles and all the items that are not visible as well.

It is very important to be good listener and not talk all the time. If you find yourself talking then you are probably not listening to those around you. When you stop to listen be sure to observe how things are accomplished. I recently received a compliment for being a great observer.

Sometime this summer, one of my coworkers knows I make jewelry. She mentioned she saw this really cute key chain that had chunky beads and she would be interested in something like that sometime. So last night I started thinking back on this conversation and was able to put together a key chain for her. She likes purple so that became my theme. I took it to work to show her today and i didn’t expect her to purchase it but she did.

I often listen to my customers that come to my table during craft shows. Listening has helped me to know what they are wanting or looking for;,some want long earring, some want clip on dangling earrings, some like all black, some like purple.

I have heard comments like “Oh, there are dangling earrings on Clip On”. I have so many people thanking me for having clip ons. So listening and observing helps you to  know what to carry in your shop. Here is one of my recent keychains I made. P1050349

created by Mary O. @ Prairie PIne Peddler


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