Winter Wonderland Land

P1050344 Sunday, January 5, 2014

As you can see, hubby cooked out Christmas Day and he left his grill out  So there is pile of snow on it. That is a lot of snow as well as on the ground. I figured since I was working tomorrow that I better get started now on digging myself and the car out. We are expecting more snow. I wonder if work will close or not?. The snow plow had been by on our country road, that means having to dig out at the end of the drive way the extra snow. Ugh. Well you can see the picture below is my car. That is a lot of snow on top and it is still snowing.


Hubby had to check to see how his workers were coming along. He said the wind is really strong. The reason we don’t feel it , is because we have three rows of pine trees which makes a nice wind break.


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