fell into the cracks

Well I read where I was supposed to post on Twitter at least once a week. I can’t seem to keep up with this. Life gets in the way. Yeah, I don’t even have children at home except a  cat and a hermit husband who loves to read. So why can’t I get on and post. Not sure why. Thought about posting my resolutions for the year. I don’t always have anything important to say or inspiration. So here is my list –

1. Try to be more organized or declutter

2. Stop eating junk food and candy

3. Drink more water

4. Set some goals

5. Be more assertive

6. Get up earlier to exercise before work

7. Work on my family history

8. Make out a will

9. Teach myself how to solder

10. Make a profit in my jewelry business this year

Right now, today I am playing with polymer clay. starting thinking while I am working. Ideas are following in faster that I can work. I guess I should be writing them down. Thought I come check my email. One thing led to another and then I am here checking out my WordPress to see who is liking what and seeing what others are doing or not doing.

Today it was going to snow 3 inches and now it is going to snow 6 inches. So we are in for another nice winter wonderland and we can stay in and play with our Christmas presents or projects we have been wanting to play with. How about you?

ttyl Mary O.


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