Snowy Ride

IMG_20140120_193734  We went to Lacon to this great place for pizza. The Pizza Peel has great hand tossed pizza. You can even watch them toss the pizzas up in the air in their kitchen. I would definitely recommend this place.

So we left there and walked out into a snowflake night. As we were driving the temperatures were dropping. Lacon which is near the Illinois River had been 30*, but by the time we got home it had dropped to 23*. Supposedly the temperature is going to drop down to  0* . We have only been home an hour and we can hear the wind picking up. It is whipping around the house. Where we walked up to the house you can’t even tell we have been out tonight. Our foot prints have been covered up with more snow.

I took this picture with my tracfone. I know this isn’t a fancy phone like Phil Keene uses   I wasn’t sure if anything would show up or not. It was dark and we were driving 40 miles an hour.  As we got closer to home, ice was collecting on the windshield. The snowflakes looked like long pencils flying towards us. This  kind of snow can hypnotizes you. So I took this picture with my android tracfone. Then I sent it to my email so I could upload this picture to my wordpress and share it with you. Till later Mary O. @ Prairie Pine Peddler


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