My Dream House


 My Dream House

I have a Pinterest account. One of my boards is Unusual abodes. I suddenly had this thought, I would like to have bird house shaped home., but then later I thought an octagon house so I could have round roof with dormers on the top. Will have to think more on this..

Here is list of some of my criteria

  1. One of the walls inside the house would have book shelves that went from floor to the ceiling  and ladder to climb up to get what you wanted…
  2. Wall for Art work
  3. Vine covered windows that you can still see outside but in the winter birds could sit on vines and you could observe them
  4. Dormer windows
  5. Window over my kitchen sink to watch birds and sun to shine in
  6. Window ledges that you could feed the birds from.
  7. Built in bed with drawers underneath
  8. Closets in every room
  9. Art room
  10. Guest room above the garage
  11. Pine Trees on the property lots of them
  12. Old Barn with shop in it
  13. Basement that you could stand up in
  14. Country Living








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