Mixed Media Collage

This is actually my second attempt on creating a mixed media collage using a cigar box. The first one I used wallpaper but found out that is was to thick and had a hard time keeping it pasted down. So then I decided to use scrapbooking paper. It is far from being perfect but it was fun.

On top of the box lid I used a balsam wood musical note painted purple on right side near the word Love, sticky letters to spell out varies words, silk flower with brad in the middle to hold to paper, on the edges I used a pattern duct tape. I got this idea from another blog. I used two patterns one is a flower pattern and the second is a stripe pattern in purple and teal tones.


Then I cut some of the flowers that were used on top out of the pattern paper and place on the side edges. This particular one also has button on the flower center. see below The legs were made from small wooden candle holders placed upside down. They were painted and hot glued on.I also did run a screw thru the top and placed glue in the center of the candleholder to help secure this in place.


I also wrapped this flower around the corner, this still needs more embellishments but for now this is start…P1050402


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