Snow Drifts

Well my morning started out with an announcement on TV stating there was I-80 ALERT. Apparently a truck had capsized on the westbound side and the road was closed.

So I left for work, I live in the country and as I was making my way to the main highway, I came upon drifts before I could slow down. Some of them were pretty deep,. That is one thing you can’t tell if you see snow in the road how deep it is. So I went around on the other side when I saw snow.

So I am out on Route 34S, just around the curve were a bunch of semi trucks pulled over to the side of road, lined up and I saw blinking lights. I knew that something had happened and I would be sitting for sometime. A county highway truck turned around in the middle of the road in front of me.  So I rolled down my  window and stuck out my hand to ask him a question about the situation ahead. He slowed down and told me what was going on. I told him I needed to get to work in Kewanee. He suggested I turn around go north thru Sheffield.

So I got turned around and now heading north on RT 34. There were some patches of snow drifts. All of sudden I hit a snow patch section in the road and the car suddenly had a mind of its own. The car started spinning and I  had no control what so ever, I decided not to try to brake as I thought that would make things worse.  I was wondering where I was going to land? I didn’t see any cars coming from the other direction, I saw a wire fence near an electric pole. All that went thru my mind was I didn’t want  to hit the pole as I didn’t want to die.  I suddenly said out loud  “Dear Lord I am not ready to die” and the car spun  around not sure how many times or what it was doing but I finally came to stop facing the south in a ditch with snow all around me. I was not hurt. My car was still in drive position, running.

Then the county highway truck came rolling down the road, boy was I glad to see him. Then I wondered if he thought boy she can’t drive. But I didn’t ask him what he thought, I told him that I spun around, saw the  pole and told the “Dear Lord I was not ready to die.” He told me that God is with us all the time. I knew he was right.  He asked if I was alright? I couldn’t find my phone as many things flew around in the car. So he called my cell phone. We could not find it right away but eventually he was able to locate it.. I was still sitting in the drivers seat, and there was a lot of snow on driver’s side. I didn’t want to venture out as I had low boots on and did’t want to get wet.socks.  After my phone was found I called my hubby, then I called Triple A.

Triple A was getting a lot of calls, so they said I may have to wait 10 minutes before I could talk to someone so I was on hold. Then after getting someone at Triple A, they said I would have an hour wait before they could send a tow truck out. Then I called work and informed them of my situation. The county road man new I would be alright as I had 1/2 tank of gas, water, and food and change of clothes and blanket in the car. So he said he would check on me later. He also looked under my car and said if I had a hook he would have pulled me out but my car doesn’t not have one of those.  So I guess the next time I shop for car I am going to get that kind. Anyhow back to my story.

I can’t tell you the number of people that slowed down, rolled their window down to see if I was alright.

I had couple of guys in white truck that said they thought they could push me out. I told them I had shovel in the trunk, so they tried to dig out the snow, then they had me put it in 3rd gear and told me to gun it and move my front wheels back and forth. NO GO. They got their socks wet and decided I was in pretty good so I had to wait for the tow truck. I told them they would be blessed for their efforts.

Then  an IDOT truck  came by, he first plowed the road, then he came back around and cleared the side of the road. Then he cleared a truck width in front of my car and pushed the snow out of the way. Then as he was backing out, he got stuck but he was carrying salt so he dumped salt  and finally he was able to get out. I thanked him for his kindness too. I told him he was a good samaritan. He smiled and just wanted to help. I was very appreciative.

So you see there are still  kind folks that will reach out to you. I would say their are some kindred spirits, and angels in disguise.

One thing I learned – I did have an emergency kit with me, but If I  had to go to the bathroom I didn’t have anything to use.  So now, I am going to carry a #10 can with a lid with me so if I am in situation like this again I will be prepared. They talk about this sort of thing when they tell you to be prepared in your car etc. So I thought I would mention this for the women out there. Men have the right equipment so we don’t have to worry about them. But us women need to know things like this. And you don’t want your emergency kit in your trunk because you may not be  to get out of your car to get to your stuff. I am going to try to pack things in something and put in my back seat for the next occasion that might come up.

As I am sitting here writing this, suddenly there is thunder in the sky. How weird is that?

Till later Mary O.


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