My day came fast, but that ‘s because I stayed up too late uploading items to my Etsy shop.

I had an inspiration come to me this morning. So been thinking about all the angles.

Then either late morning or early afternoon not sure exactly, a lady came to the reference desk wanting to use the computor. 

But this was an unusal circumstances. She was deaf and wriring down what she wanted.  I had learn the alphabet when I was 12 but had not used it for years. Suddenly I was able to sign and she understood. I asked if she could read lips but she told me no. So I started signing and I had forgotten how to make the “s” and she showed me.

I truly felt that the Lord had put her in my path so i could asisst her.

It feels really good when you are an instrument for the Lord.

I have had some other experiences where the Lord used me as an instrument. It’s an  awesome feeling!

Till later Mary O.


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