Online wordpress class

I thought I’d share with my viewers what I have been up to lately. I work at the Kewanee Public Library District. They signed up with Gale Cengage Learning. The library where I work purchased a subscription to “Learn4Life”, but is now called Gale Cengage Learning. The Learn4life button will be disappearing from the website soon.

Does your library offer this service to you? There are some wonderful classes you can take, from web designing to financial, etc. If you’re not sure call the reference dept. or go to their website and see if they have it posted on their website somewhere. Ours is on the homepage.   I would highly recommend this class to anyone that has time to take a class. I am making time for this. I am taking a wordpress class. I have learned so much.

Tonight I finally got  my Menu Structure up on my website (Prairie Pine Peddler). It took me forever to get it, but finally I have it up. I still may make with college credits, but instead you could obtain a certificate for taking this class. All you have to do is read the lessons, follow instructions, post your assignments in the lesson you are currently on, take quizzes, and stay on with this class, do the assignments you could receive a certificate that you took this class.

My class started on March 9th and will end on May 9th. So that’s an 8 week course. I am signed up for another one that starts June 18, that one will be Sales and Marketing. I am really looking forward to that as I think it will help me with SEO and my online presence on wordpress or facebook. or Etsy

Ttyl Mary O.


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