16 years old

He was only 16 years old. He took his own life. The community is shocked. Can you imagine his parents finding their son, who committed suicide this past week on May 2nd.

I was working Saturday and my friend came into tell me about this event. I was shocked. I didn’t’ know the kid,  but her grandchildren knew him and and he had influenced their lives to take up basket ball. Apparently he was very athletic.

According to his obituary he had attended this school since the age of 4, he was sophomore. an Honor Roll student, a member of the Scholastic Bowl Team, a member of the percussion section in the Band, as well as being an active member of the Wethersfield FFA Chapter – where he was on the Horse Judging, Archery & Trap Shooting teams and participated in other Chapter and Section activities.  

He was a crew member for this year’s school play and last year was cast as “Chad” in “Out A Control”.

 He was also a member of the football and Track & Field Teams where he enjoyed playing defense and pole vaulting. He had just recently applied and been accepted for admission to College.

Events like this stops us in our path on this planet earth…

I recently spoke with one of the men who picks up bodies for the funeral home and asked him, if he knew anymore about this young man? He said he did. Did I want to hear more and I said yes?

He told me that his girl friend broke up with him 2 days before prom, and that both students and teachers were bullying him. 

I looked up bullying as I guess this is growing problem.

When I was growing up I stood up for some kids on the bus, as the older boys were bouncing the basketball off of their heads. After that they started calling me fish face.

So everyday when I got on the bus they would call me that . I don’t think it helped my self esteem very well. I don’t remember sharing this with my parents nor telling anyone in authority. Eventually it did stop, I don’t know if someone reported this or what?  My family  eventually moved away from this place.

I just think it is sad thing that he had a lot going for himself and he could not get past this bullying.  I just think this is sad part of life that we hit every once in while.

I know we all have to die sometime. Just unfortunate that this had to happen. My heart goes out to the mother and father.



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