Today’s Job Perks

Job Perks


As you may know and if you don’t know, I am a reference librarian. (over 15 years) Yesterday and today I have had someone come in to do some research on a certain park in our area. We have local file and then we have a local historical society that I will often recommend them to visit while visiting in our fine city.

Today this same researcher came in again and was very busy with various items, towards the end of the morning he came to my desk to ask my full name. I gave it to him with out hesitation and then asked why? He replied that when he writes his book, he likes to give credit where it is due. He told me  I was instrumental in helping him find the information he needed and that I was extremely helpful. This will be the 2nd book that an author has included my name in.

The first book, a man came in from Arizona and he wanted to preserve the history of the inter-urban trolley that went from Kewanee to Galva. Unbeknownst to me I had apparently pulled up information that he didn’t have nor the historical society. He went home  and ordered microfilm to research our local newspaper over the winter months. He died and didn’t get his book completed, but his wife wanted the book to be published .So I believe that the historical society helped in this matter.

After the book was published my library director came running down to my desk to tell me that I was in the 4th paragraph, although to me it was the 4th line in the beginning of the book, it had my name in print. I was floored and of course had to go out and purchase a book for my posterity.

So today I was again humble that someone thought enough to mentioned me in his upcoming book.

I also had another compliment that made me feel 10 feet tall, they told me I was very good at my job, that I go the 2nd mile for others and that I was always uplifting to others. I thought that was the best compliment someone could get!

I just wanted to share this with my friends on wordpress.

Thanks for listening guys!

Mary O.


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