Beaten Down

P1060182 I had left work and stopped at the grocery store.  I was standing  behind a lady in line looking over her head out the window, I could not believe my eyes, it was now pitch black outside.  Then as I stepped outdoors with my grocery cart, the rain was just pouring and wind was howling.

I knew I was going to be wet by the time I ran to the car. I decided to leave my cart under the roof near front door of the grocery store and drive up to get them . Then I drove my car up and again was exposed to the elements, lightning struck a few times which made me jump practically out of my skin. I decided I would finish my grocery shopping another day. 

By this time the  trees were swinging their branches as if they were dancing to a rock and roll music. The rain was coming  down in sheets, visibility was none.  There were Chevy trucks and dodge trucks going around me, in which  they sparyed more water in front that I could not see the road or it I was in my lane.

I finally decided to stop awhile. I plugged my phone into the car plugger inner. I basically waited for it to cease. It still had it way, they were going to have lot of wet basements tomorrow in this town.  Then I decided to venture out again, I came to a stop sign, as I turned to the left I could see that a truck that had been pulling a trailer had gotten pulled over on the opposite side of the road up on the grass where he did not belong, I figured he has lost control.

Then as I started for home on my normal route I came across many roads that had turned in to lakes. It seemed no matter where I turned there was lake on one street or the next one I turned on. So decided to get to high place but none to be found. Meanwhile the rain was still coming down in sheets and visibility was the same. 

As I was leaving Kewanee behind me, I had to go under a viaduct, it too had water, so crept through that. As  I hit the highway, I could see that the crops that once stood high to enjoy the sun had been beaten, whipped, twisted. The fields were wet and corn was the color of spinach. I could not believe my eyes. 

 This morning I decided to take some pictures of the fields. They had been whipped around and I don’t think they have an ounce of themselves left in them. Some corn fiends were completely flatten and beaten from the storm. I was amazed, as I look  back on this rain storm it actually reminded me of the hurricanes they have out east. 

So I just wanted to share my thoughts on the matter, particularly the pictures. I think these farmers will have loss their corn crop this year.  Not sure they can  put in a second planting or not.


Mary O


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