Magnesium Flat Sticks

Being prepared isn’t just for boy scouts anymore. We all need to be prepared. Even if we will never use this in our life time, it may help someone else.

Do you have a 72 hour kit ready to go, if you had to leave your home. Are you thinking that this won’t happen to you, guess again it could. We have trains, we have companies that go up in flames and we have trucks that carry chemicals that are not safe that could cause us to have to leave our homes for a short time.

There are many sites on the internet, if you type in 72 hour kits will bring up suggestion as to how you can personalize this for your family.

Couple of things I have found helpful, is to have copy of your birth certificate in case you need to prove who you are in a plastic bag so it wouldn’t get wet. While we are talking plastic zip lock bags it good to have some paper, tape and pen in case you need to leave a note for love one particularly if it is raining. Because I am interested in this subject from time to time I come across tips and store them away to read later. Today I am sorting thru some of these and came across information about a Magnesium Flint Stick. Thought I would share this here.

A Magnesium Stick is a must have for the survivalist. It is a beacon of light in the worst situations of life because it gives you the opportunity to create a fire no matter what climate you are in.

Most magnesium sticks have three parts, a bar of magnesium, a flint striker, a metal striker. These three things added together crate the perfect fire creating system. To begin you simply shave the magnesium bar down creating small flakes of magnesium.

Then you take the flint and position it over the magnesium flakes. Then you hit the flint striker against the flint sending a spark onto the magnesium and presto you have ignition. Magnesium burns at about 3500 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot enough to catch anything on fire. Most importantly hot enough to dry out small twigs enough to burn.

Magnesium sticks are not expensive about $3 to $15 depending on the size. They can be carried on your key chain or pocket. or you can hang them on your pack.

I have two items on my key chain that I love, one is flat screw driver and the other is military can opener. I love it.

Thanks Mary O. at Prairie Pine Peddler;                              ,


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