Update on Cell Phone Hazard

Perhaps you are wondering what has happened to this guy, He was on his way to town , his kids called him on his phone, so he pulls over to text. They needed him back home. So he turns his car around in the middle of the road, not sure what he was doing, but we know his eyes were not on the road and he is driving. He hits a bridge, apparently the cement section of it.

A neighbor comes out to see what is going on, but he of no help. Apparently his wife had rolled over in a vehicle so he was still shocked over the ordeal and was not able to help Mr. G. So another neighbor comes over and calls 911 and they end up life flying him to hospital in larger metropolitan area.He has not lost conscious during this ordeal. He has broken pelvic on the right side and his left side is fracture. Ouch! I could not imagine this .

He has been in this hospital for weeks and maybe even 2 months. Well his first surgery consisted of putting a pin in his leg and then his leg into traction so the leg would stay in the socket.  But apparently this is the hip that was broken…ugh. The otherside of the hip is fractured .His ankles are swollen.

His next scheduled surgery did not go well. They gave him a pill before surgery and he ended up throwing it up. This inturn put fluid on his lungs. Doc said it didn’t look good. So the surgery was postponed due to some complications. Apparently before this happen he was allying from previous illness.

Another couple of weeks go by and now he is ready for surgery. They were able to go in and fix or repair the broken pelvic. They start to wean him off the pain medicine so he can start physical therapy. He is sent home. However, they had to rearrange the whole house to get him there. He is in wheel chair, still can’t get out and walk yet. Apparently needs another surgery as his leg is not staying in the socket. Poor guy. I must say there has been outpouring of love for him and his family. People far and wide have been providing meals and helping around the house or yard work. He is still in wheel chair, it will take time for things to heal before he can walk like you and me.

Just want to share, I hate stories and then you wonder if the guy fell off or if he went on to live out his life. I will keep you posted. For now he is in wheel chair, waiting for surgery and can’t walk …

ttyl Mary O.



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