5th Annual Art Show

Five years ago, the Kewanee Public Library District was celebrating there 135th Anniversary.  The director was looking for some program ideas during the whole week of celebrations. At the time I was having a lot of contact with artist coming to the reference desk. So I suggested that we have an Art Show for the local artist in town. It was taken under consideration. Later they came back and asked if I would be the coordinator for this project.

So I took it on. I  started networking with art galleries and I found a library over in in another county  that puts on art shows. They invited me to their planning meetings and I picked up some ideas from them. Then met a few  of the artist who were familiar with planning and organizing an art show. I was able to come up with guidelines, artist entry forms, term & conditions for liability purposes. If you are interested in seeing my brochure and rules here is the link –


We started out with Five Categories:

1) Adult Painting (watercolor, acrylic, pastel, oil)

2) Adult Photography,

3) Other Art (consisted of jewelry, pottery, carvings,  jewelry, mixed media)

4) High School Art,

5) Jr High Art.

Last year we changed the Photography to include 16 and up.

We decided to create category for Graphic Art that would include: mixed media, collage, pen & ink, printmaking just to name a few.

This week we have been in process of accepting art submissions. Hanging the art work getting ready for the jurors to come in at the end of the week. It has been a busy week. A month before this, I usually send out a brochure along with art submission form to all recipients that entered work in past art shows.

We have 60 photography artist submitted already. They were allowed to submit as many as they wanted. I think I had one person – submitted 16.

This year we put the Artist Entry Form on our website so they could download the form from home: here is link for that as well:


We have some neat sculptures this year. I will  take pictures and up load them later.

Our opening night is Monday,  Oct 20, we have Dave Clarke a local newspaper editor who writes a regular weekly column and he’ll  takes pictures of all the 1st prize winners.

This year we were also able to give out monetary prizes as well as ribbons. The Friends of the Library were very gracious in supporting our efforts this year.

The 1st Place is $75, 2nd Place is $50 and 3rd Place is $25.

This is great for town that is about 12,000.

We also invited arial towns to join in as well. Jr. High and Other Art only has 1st & 2nd Place Ribbons the rest have three.

So if you are in the neighborhood, come join us on Oct 20 starts at 6 pm. It is held in the community room on 2nd floor. 


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