program idea?

I recently attended a dinner and musical at the library where I work. They turn the first floor into dinner and place where the musicians can perform. This is regular thing they do every year. This year it was sold out. The circulation desk turns into bar area, where patrons can purchase drinks. The back room was set up for the caterers. The food was set out buffet style. The menu consisted of ham, roast beef, corn dish, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, leaf salad, home made bread, and desert was served too.

This year they had the Legacy Girls from the Chicago land entertain us. It was great.  The vocal trio, Legacy Girls, has been thrilling audiences all over Chicagoland with their musical revues. They will capture your heart with their contagious smiles …

It is well worth it, if you need a program, they have many to choose from the one we were entertained with the Andrew Sisters music from the 30’s and 40’s. One of the things that I like was they honored the service men that serviced starting with Army, Navy, Marines. Only one guy stood up for the Marines but the girls went around and shook their hands and thank them for their service, not sure if they were tears that night. But it was a very good show and well worth the money. All the library tables were turned into white table cloth table with name tags telling you where your assigned seating was. It was full house and well received.

Thought I would share


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