Why Raw

I am taking a Craft Marketing Class, one of my assignments was to come up with a Story about myself. I wrote out my story. But the final thing that I could not seem to connect with was to put a personal touch item in my story.

So I went to Etsy to see how others were writing their personal stories. Each one  was different. One person said “Fake it till you make it” But I didn’t want to copy her. I also know where she gotten that phrase. I didn’t want to head in that direction.

Then I started putting some key words in http://www.google.com about what I wanted to write about. That’s how I found the “Raw Story” Blog. I really  enjoyed reading his blog and I thought it was well put together, easy to read, examples were given. So I got off the computer for awhile and did something else. I came back later and started thinking about this chalk board saying I have hanging up in my bedroom on the wall. It saids,  “Scatter Seeds of Happiness”

So I wrote up my life story with that in mind and wrote “Scatter beads of Happiness” a pun on words.

So this is what my” about page” looks like now, thought I share it here, if you have any suggestion ..I will take in under consideration…

Scatter Beads of Happiness

My fondest memories are of my grandmother teaching silver smithing in her kitchen to her friends. When I decided to learn it was too late to learn her skill from her.

I was an art major in college – one of my batik art designs is housed in their permanent collection. Several of my art drawings were published. I have an Interior Design Associate Degree and I have a Library Technician Associate too. I take educational classes as they come available.

An opportunity came while working at the library some years back; I suggested a jewelry class for the young adults. They came back and asked me to teach the class.

So I checked out every jewelry book I could get my hands on. Then after couple of months, I felt I was ready to teach some classes. First, I taught  classes for the Young Adults. Then I was in demand for the college age to the retired women to teach more classes at the library. These were well attended. Thus my love affair for jewelry began. I met someone recently that informed me that they had attended one of my jewelry classes and is now making her own jewelry.

In order to focus my creative nature and give it a name, I started my business (DBA) Prairie Pine Peddler..

I was not much of jewelry wearer growing up as much of it was  large beads. I personally prefer the petite type. I try to have a variety in my shop. Co-workers started coming and asking for custom jewelry designs and repairing them too.

So on that note, I just wanted t to say thank you for visiting my online store. I really enjoy working with beads and designing them into something special for you. “Scatter beads of happiness” is my motto. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them.

One friend told me they loved the way I designed jewelry for them.

Another customer told me that they appreciated the good quality jewelry I make. That really made my day!



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