Goodwill path

Good will to all men,

I was visiting our bank recently, when I notice they had put up this beautiful Christmas Tree. I called to ask where they had purchased the beautiful pine garland? They told me the whole tree came that way in three pieces already trimmed. Boy was it pretty. They had red berries, pine cones tied in here and there. Then they had put on tied bows on the end of the tree branches. Boy was in gorgeous!!!!

After seeing that tree and I have a photogenic mind of what it looked like. I have a friend that fractured her back recently. She was given the choice of cement inserted in her fracture or  take time to let it heal on its own. She choose the latter. Bearing this all in mind, I decided to make a small tree that could be pulled out a box ready to go. She had mentioned in an email to me that she would not be putting up a tree this year.

Meanwhile, I had gotten my Christmas Decoration out this year and came across this 6 inch tree and was not sure why it was up there. So I decorated it like the one I saw at the bank and since my friend would not have tree, I have decorated it for her. Then I thought you can’t have tree without a Christmas Present underneath, so I made a key chain and earrings for her.

Then as I was driving down the road, I was  pondering about how there are many people with out jobs, struggling etc. People talk about this world is getting darker. But if you think to much it can get you down. So I thought all I can do is look around me and see what I can do for others. We  just need to bloom where we are planted.

Hope someone will be inspired to do something for someone on your path


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