naughty or nice

I usually have a hard time at Christmas! I get my hopes up and boom I don’t get want I want. So this year I decided to try not to expect anything. I am going to save up any money  and get what I want later.

How about you? Do you have trouble with the holidays, do you get the blues?  I get those to, there is all this excitement over what? Holiday shopping is mad house.

I did most of my shopping on the internet or made jewelry pieces for my daughter, bought a toy and dress for my granddaughter at Thanksgiving. I did think of few people to surprise them with little gifts. But my money didn’t go as far as it use to.

Instead of putting a check in card and sending it, I got a little creative this year. I took a commercial size toilet roll, went on the Internet to find ideas for date night. Then copied them on to sheet of paper, then in bright red letters put 25 Great Date Nights. I wrapped the date ideas around the roll. Then placed the money in the can, oh I used a cereal box piece of cardboard glued it to the bottom. I found a lid from icing can and placed it on top and wrapped it up and mailed it off to relative. I thought that was a creative way to send a gift to someone.

Merry Christmas to all, and all a good night



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