be very naughty


How does that old saying go? If you are going to be naughty then be very naughty.

I asked my hubby what he wanted for Christmas, he told me his two front teeth, literally he needs one tooth, with out his fake plastic one he looks like toothless Jake. This new dentist just out of Dentist School, didn’t put the post in far enough, only to have it break off the first time he went to eat something. Was not a pretty site!

So then he said he had everything  he needed.  Right before I hung up with him,  he came up with he wanted a “pile of money”. So like  that’s going to happen?

As I was driving into town, I  got this great idea in my head. I went to the bank and asked for 100 ones, not crisp ones either, just plain old ones.  I am going to get a box and layer them so it will create a pile. Wrap it up and give him his Christmas present. That is the easiest Christmas Present I have given this year. I have been smiling about this every since.

Hope you have very Merry Christmas how ever you want to spend it.

from naughty girl


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