Fruitful 2015

I am so excited about this coming year!

It’s already been fruitful, if you work on genealogy you will understand, but if you don’t than this will be completely foreign and boring to you.

I have been working on my English family history last night and found my 3rd Great Grandfather in Lancashire, England.  He has been hiding from me for sometime.

My grandfather Samuel Baguley came to America and met my grandmother . They had three children, 1 died of diphtheria and one was still born, leaving only Nana.(my grandmother).

Sometime during Samuel’s life he fell and broke his hip, it was during hard times and his wife was raising their daughter and caring for her mother and working outside of the home. He decided to go home to England. At some point during World War I, he came back to visit her, but United States would not let him in see his wife unless he gave up his citizenship. What a sad story to come to America and not see your wife nor vice versa.

Anyhow Samuel’s father was  Edwin’s Baguley (1848 -1913) . Edwin’s father was Frederick Baguley (1824 – 1892) and his wife was Mary Hall.  In 1871 England Census -George Hall is living with Frederick Baguley  as the father in law, thus Mary’s maiden name was Hall. So I continued to search for Frederick Baguley marriage record and found it. On the marriage record stated his Father was James Baguley ( New Name for me!!!!)

This is why I am excited about today (Jan 1, 2015). James is my 3rd Great Grandfather. James was born about 1780 Openshaw, Lancashire, England. He was married in 1802 to Mary Bates and died Jan 1856 Lancashire England. I found someone who had tree and listed his children mainly: Thomas, Alfred, Frederick, John and Samuel Baguley. Many of the names have trickle down and now I can see why my grandfather named one of his sons Thomas!

This is a picture of Thomas he only lived till he was 6 years old. He died from diphtheria.

Thomas Baguley age 6

Thomas Baguley age 6

This picture was amongst my Aunt things, I am so happy that someone preserved this for future generations. I know I will get to meet all these neat people someday up in heaven. What a grand reunion that will be. Has genealogy bit you yet? When it does it’s like you can eat just one potato chip. It is very exciting when you find someone on your family tree. Words can’t even describe how I am feeling about this…This is the other thing that I like to do. At work when someone comes in to search for their Ancestors, I usually tease them and tell them that genealogy is my middle name. It usually brings a smile to their face or laugh. I have a somewhat dry sense of humor. I wonder where I got that from???

Mary O from Prairie Pine Peddler


2 thoughts on “Fruitful 2015

  1. A lovely finding! I also traced down the history of my family and came up with a little seven generation family tree a year ago. Family is a gift. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Happy New Year!

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