Down to Earth Girl

Been doing a lot of observing of others.

I am usually a very quiet person, but that doesn’t mean that I am not paying attention, it just means that I am listening to those around me.

I feel like I have been on an adventure. I have recently met a lot of my old class mates for some reason. They come in to where I work, and I am not really recognizing them as such but thru helping them find assorted answers to their questions, I find out who they are.

I have been able to see into many people’s lives. It is very interesting how you think you know someone but then you really don’t know the shoes they have walked in before they get to you.

So many men have had their wives walk away from them, one was an alcoholic and has since stopped. His children were taken from him. But they are now coming back to see how there dad is and hopefully having a renewed bond with him. Since he lives a different life now.

Another man has pulmonary disease. He can’t even walk up pair of steps without being out of breath. Because of his health, the company hired two people to take his place, as they felt he had gotten to expensive due to his health issues. But he is still hopeful to find something else. This society we are living in has put a lot of men out of jobs before their retirement age. If you still have job, you should thank your Father in Heaven that he has blessed you with your health and job. We don’t know what trials we will face or what is around the next corner.

Another person had told me he had gone threw two wives, but now gets along with them better now then when he was married to them. He stated he has two cats and was content with them. He mentioned in passing statement that he hadn’t wanted children. He said he over heard things as child and as often wonder what it meant. His parents are gone and their secrets have gone to the grave with them. I don’t know why I was given this information to ponder on. He states that he had brother, but he was told if anyone asked to tell them he was cousin. They are friends now but they still don’t know the connection they share.

This other man, could really run a computer fast enough, so they let him go. He was laid off and decided to do something he has always wanted to try. He buys foreclosures and resells them. But even that can be risky ~ but again he is trying to hold out until his retirement age come up.

I am thankful I have job, that I am still pretty healthy. I will be having a work anniversary coming up – this is the longest job I have held in my entire life – it will be 17 years, I now entitled to 4 weeks of vacation time. Amazing. I don’t feel like I am going to work, cause I love my job and all the facets or many hats I wear. Whether I am doing interlibrary loan, checking books out to patrons, helping people with their genealogy, or giving my 2 cents on something that is being discussed.

So that is where my travels have taken me . What about you? Where have you been?

All is well,  Mary O.



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